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Earn Great Arms and a Lower Body Fat with Cluster 6 Pause Training

arm training, body fat percentage, training sessions, female working arms

Scott, I need a quick weight training routine to lower body fat levels and improve my arm development. I want arms to rival much younger guys at the gym and I assume it can be done even at age 40 with the right plan. After 30 minutes I lose focus and my training sessions become less productive with a lot of energy problems the following day. Can my wife follow the same routine? — Jim (Boulder, Colorado)

Jim, the Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System is the perfect plan for you to earn a great set of arms. Packing in 36 high quality reps in a multi-phase cluster set increases fat burning hormones while stimulating a tremendous number of muscle fibers. The cluster sets are tremendously challenging and productive which means only one or two work sets are needed for a total of five exercises with short rest periods between sets.

body fat percentage, woman doing standing curl exercise

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Yes, your wife can use this training system to firm up in all of the right places while lowering body fat. Men will gain muscle when using Cluster 6 Training while losing body fat at the same time. Women will not accidentally pile on arm muscle due to the significant genetic differences between men and women. In many cases a lack of a properly designed weight training plan is why many women do not reach their body fat loss goals.

30 Minute Highly Productive Training Sessions

Using short rest periods between cluster sets will allow you to complete the entire training session in thirty minutes or less. Each set involves 36 challenging reps packed into a very short space of time which contributes to big increases in fat burning hormones. Gradually increasing the weight loads with proper form each week contributes to even larger fat burning hormone spikes.

body fat percentage, training sessions, female working arms

The right weight training approach must be used by both men and women to achieve a low body fat percentage with a high quality of life. The proper weight training program strategies combined with the necessary intensity are rarely achieved in main stream gyms across the country.

Three Challenging Sessions Per Week

A total of three weight training session per week is all you need when using Cluster 6 Pause Training techniques correctly. The sessions can be split up by Arms on one day, legs on another and finally the torso on the third day for example. Gradually increasing weight loads with proper form over the course of a 6 week program is extremely important for transforming body composition.

Strive for Five with Fat Burning Intervals

Fat Burning intervals can be done twice per week to reach a total exercise frequency of five times per week which is ideal for most adults aiming to improve body composition. Steady state cardio actually can increase rates of lower body fat storage when done too frequently. Women and Men for that matter wanting to get rid of stubborn body fat should utilize fat burning intervals exclusively for a few months.

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Prioritizing Recovery

Jim, you mentioned energy problems the day following weight training which is most likely due to sub-optimal recovery rates. Shifting to training sessions of thirty minutes or less is a good move for you right now to compare how you are feeling vs. longer sessions. The Cluster 6 Pause training approach will allow you achieve more work in thirty minutes than most training sessions accomplish in an hour or longer. The compressed rest periods alone are very challenging from an anaerobic and aerobic stand point. Faster recovery equates to better rates of body composition transformation progress, based on over 20 years of experience working with clients in similar situations.

Email for a free copies of the Cluster 6 Arm Training Program and Fat Burning Interval Sprint programs. Email Scott personally to discuss solutions to the challenges limiting your fat loss success.

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