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Drive Rapid Fat Loss with a 24 Minute Weight Training Sessions

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I need to lose body fat fast, I just broke the news to my husband that he needs to shave 20 pounds off his belly before our trip. We are both usually short on time to exercise. What can you suggest that is simple to do while being really effective for body fat loss? When are the best times to eat carbohydrates without packing on the pounds?

~ Geraldine.

Strip 18 Training packs a ton of high quality work into a short session to drive up fat burning hormones for up to 48 hours following each workout. While burning calories during a challenging weight training session is important, the metabolic and hormonal response to well-designed exercise sessions can peak rates of fat burning for up to two entire days. Strip 18 is very simple to execute which helps to increase the effort levels needed to maximize body fat loss success. We shot videos of every single exercise which can be accessed directly from the free Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training Program file.

Get your free copy of the Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training Program including videos to demonstrate every single exercise that you can watch on any device!

Focused Training Sessions

Emphasizing quality over quantity allows for greater effort and focus with every set. Keeping rest periods short while maintaining a high level of effort is very important for maximizing the release of fat burning hormones. The Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight training system can help trainees accomplish more in 24 minutes than most can get done in a session twice as long.

Women Must Weight Train to Reach Their Full Potential

Many women are afraid to push their limits with weight training for fear of accidentally gaining unwanted muscle. This is nonsense as 99% of women do not have the genetic coding to gain muscle by accident. Weight training with the proper form and strategies is far more effective for body fat loss than any other form of exercise based on over 20 years of helping male and female clients earn fantastic body transformations.

Strip Sets

Changing the weight load during the set to accommodate fatigue creates more time under tension for the muscles. The longer the set goes with a high level of effort, the greater number of calories are burned while fat burning hormones elevate.

Fire up the body to be more tolerant to carbohydrates by performing a Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training session an hour or two before eating. The Day 22 Carb Load uses the right carbohydrate sources, timing and combinations to boost metabolism, break metabolic staleness and to optimize fat burning hormone levels.

Weight Training Primes the System for Carb Intake

The specific strategies built into the Strip 18 program creates ideal conditions for carbohydrate consumption from the right sources during the meal following training. Combinations of leaner protein sources such as cage-free chicken, wild caught fish, and wild caught seafood fit perfectly during the meal following training. Include monounsaturated fats during the meal as well including extra virgin olive oil and avocados.

All Carbs Not Created Equal

We have a primitive brain and digestive system that does not deal well with refined foods. The ramifications of consuming refined carb choices go far beyond excess calories as they screw up the digestive system, increase insulin levels, clog fat cells with trans fats, set off food allergies and much more. As a result the best carbohydrate choices during the meal following training include rice, potatoes and lower glycemic index fruits.

Contrary to popular belief carbohydrates can be very helpful for losing body fat when used correctly. Thousands of people have been extremely successful accelerating body fat loss with the Day 22 Carb Load which puts a huge log on the fat burning fire. Including carbohydrates following a 21 Day low carbohydrate period such as the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse works perfectly to prevent metabolic staleness and peak fat burning hormone levels.

Email to get the Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training Program including example videos of every exercise. Also get the Day 22 Carb Load and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plans to help you outsmart up to 10 pounds of body fat in just three weeks. Spring has arrived so there is no more time to waste. We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week.

scott mendelson, infinity fitness

Scott Mendelson

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