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Double Your Rate Of Fat Loss by Breaking Metabolic Staleness

carb loading, sprinting, exercise

Scott ~ we are using a ketogenic plan with very low carbohydrate consumption and it feels like fat loss progress has stopped for me as well as my husband.  We did well for the first couple of weeks, but the next two have not been productive.  We are getting bored eating the same things and this hurts my motivation to exercise as well.  Sometimes my husband has such low energy he cannot even do weight training.  ~ Maggie and Tom, Boston



A low carbohydrate intake for longer than a couple weeks can lower fat burning hormones such as thyroid while also lowering energy levels.  I like a low carbohydrate approach that is free of refined carbohydrate and full of organic protein as well as dietary fat sources.  However there must be strategic carb loading to prevent metabolic staleness.  Tom’s low energy levels indicate the body is not using stored fat as fuel very well.



carb loading



Jump on the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition Fat Loss Plan to enjoy Carb Loading Tuesday and Fat Loading Friday every week.  Email for a free copy of the A60 Plan 7 days per week.

Our clients have earned fantastic fat loss success by using Carb Loading Tuesday and Fat Loading Friday each week as a part of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System.  The other five days of the week are low carb, high dietary fiber from vegetables, high organically raised protein and medium dietary fat from a wide range of choices.

Eating Out to Burn More Fat

In a big city like Boston I bet you can find many restaurants serving organic food sources.  I encourage clients to eat out often so they can increase their food variety selection.  Carb Loading Tuesday Meals make eating out very enjoyable.

You can also make the following to enjoy at home:

Eating the Same Things Every Day Stops Fat Burning and Crushes Energy

Eating the same things over and over due to a lack of creativity or restrictive diets creates food allergies, irritations and intolerances which can present as difficulty losing body fat, poor digestion, sluggishness, joint pain, rashes and more.  Many clients really enjoyed eating wild caught fish and seafood at restaurants for variety.  They soon realized they could prepare the same choices at home on a regular basis to make every week of eating more enjoyable and productive for fat burning.

Reviving energy levels to exercise

Your husband will need the right training approach in addition to nutrition plan changes to get his energy levels back normal.  Keeping sessions between 30 to 40 minutes is very important to avoid overtraining while reviving many natural energy markers.  The Time Variant Training Videos are great for fat burning and high energy levels.



carb loading, sprinting, exercise



Sprints for Faster Fat Burning

Steady state cardio can also zap energy levels for men and women.  Performing interval sprint work with a number of venues such as biking, swimming, jump roping, running and more gives clients the best of worlds for fat burning and conditioning.  A couple short sessions per week done at home or in the great outdoors drive higher endorphin release while torching body fat.

Email for a free copy of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System File including several days of example eating, videos and more fat burning strategies.  We can discuss you situation and goals 7 days per week.


Author: Scott Mendelson

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