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Don’t Get Stuck with Extra Body Fat During The Last 2 Months of the Year

beach body, fat loss, weight training


Every year we gain 10 to 15 pounds of body fat during November and December which wipes a lot of hard work.  What do you suggest to stay focused, especially during the holidays which end with our trip to Miami?  We need a nutrition plan that will work fast to keep us interested.  What training program do you suggest for rapid body fat loss? ~ Jim Denver, CO







Jim you must set important goals to reach by the end of the year and implement the right strategies for achievement.  I help clients finish the year strong by using the right training and nutrition programs for their needs with an understanding of the challenges that holidays present.



fat burning hormones, beach body, fat loss, weight training



Email for a free copy of the complete 20-15-10 Fat Loss Weight Training plan including instructional videos and the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System 2.0.


Maximizing Fat Burning Hormones


20-15-10 Fat Loss Weight training sessions three times per week are action-packed, fat burning fun.  Highly dense sessions help to boost fat burning hormones and metabolism for 24-48 hours following each session.  How long these crucial fat burning factors remain elevated depend on the quality of the training session, recovery efforts, nutrition actions, stress management and more.  The short rest periods, extended set durations, supersets and many other components maximize the release of fat burning hormones in thirty minutes or less each session.


Looking Great for New Years in Miami Beach


A trip to a warm weather location is a fantastic source of motivation to help you guys stay on point with 20-15-10 training, fat burning intervals and the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System 2.0.  Post some pictures of Miami Beach on your bathroom mirror and on your desk at work to help you visualize your success.  Success visualization supports high levels of client motivation in over 20 years of experience helping clients earn body transformation short as well as long-term goals.



grassfed beef, fat burning hormones



The Grass Fed Beef Edge


Fat Loading Friday Meals are one of the many success strategies Dr. Serrano and I use to help clients lower body fat quickly with high energy levels.  Focusing on more grass-fed beef and sustainably raised dietary fat sources one day per week breaks metabolic staleness and increases fat burning enzymes for several days to chip away at stored fat as fuel.  On Fridays try a meal with grass-fed beef burgers, hot dogs, T bone steaks and more along with vegetables on the grill.


Manipulate Fat Cells


Grass-fed beef is especially important on Fat Loading Friday as the large influx of dietary fats from ideal sources can help to exchange bad fats sitting in cells for good dietary fats that can help cells function as nature intended.  Better fat cell function can help to mobilize more stored fat to be used as fuel which helps fat cells collectively shrink in size.  This Shrinkage is how we lose body fat!


Beating The Winter Blues


Grass Fed Beef not only tastes great, but helps people feel great!  Higher energy levels throughout the day support better food choices and exercise sessions.  Any available mood boosting advantages should be used to support consistent exercise and nutrition plan execution during winter months.  It is very easy to fall into a rut during times with cold weather, shorter days, holiday meals, end of year work commitments and more.


Email for free copies of the 20-15-10 Fat Loss weight training program and the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System 2.0.  We can discuss your specific situation and goals 7 days per week.



AUTHOR: Scott Mendelson

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