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Does Zero Carb Work to Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat?

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“Scott, I have had success losing body fat, but the stubborn body fat is very maddening. I have difficulty with the lower body fat and my husband is lean everywhere except his belly. What can we do to address these areas before our vacation?”

Yes, a zero carb approach is great for reducing stubborn body fat for several reasons. A leading cause of stubborn body fat accumulation is elevated stress which activates fat storage receptors in the mid-section for men and lower body for women. Furthermore elevated stress hormones elevate fat storage hormones and make the body very sensitive to carbohydrates. Under stressful conditions the body has the perfect primal mechanism for storing body fat to prepare for a famine. We are very much cavemen in fancy clothing in that regard as the human digestive and hormonal systems have not evolved positively over the last 10,000 + years. Consumption of refined foods, too much carbohydrate, over training, excessive steady state cardio sub optimal sleep quality and other factors can also contribute to stubborn body fat accumulation.

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Eliminating carbohydrate outside of green vegetables for 3 weeks using the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition System converts the body into a fat burning machine ongoing and improves tolerance to carbohydrate for the future. Email for a copy of the stubborn fat burning tips special report.

Building Carbohydrate Tolerance

Interestingly a period of time not consuming carbohydrate and other strategies including focusing on organic protein and dietary fat intake exclusively have helped clients improve their future tolerance to carbs evidenced by rapid body fat loss and reduction of stubborn body fat. Carbohydrates are not the enemy, however there is a right time, amounts, sources and combinations of carbs that should be used following weight training during certain phases to actually accelerate body fat loss and quality of life. So break out the Grass Fed T-Bone Steaks, mono unsaturated fats such as avocados and green vegetables to get rid of stubborn body fat.

Turn off Your Stress

Lowering stress levels is easier said than done, but I find that clients feel much less stress when they have confidence in their training and nutrition approach to address a specific challenge. Many people chasing body fat loss and especially stubborn body fat elimination begin to over train which makes the problems worse by elevating stress hormones. Intense exercise sessions less than 45 minutes are ideal for creating metabolic and hormonal conditions that are great for getting rid of stubborn body fat. This requires a detailed plan and disciplined rest periods to pack 90 minutes of work into a 45 minute action packed session.

Take 10 minutes each day to think positively while visualizing success to boost confidence while lowering stress levels. Hold yourself accountable to a plan and identify areas of improvement on a daily basis.

Just Say No to Excessive Steady State Cardio!

For whatever reason the general public has been brainwashed into thinking that steady state cardio is helpful for body fat loss. At times too much steady state cardio can actually increase stubborn body fat deposition by sending the wrong signals. Turn your attention to rapid fat burning interval sprints twice per week to maximize rates of fat burning. The challenge? They are very difficult and will likely force you leave your comfort zone which most people will naturally resist. Take 10 to 20 minute walks following all meals to help with fat burning, digestion and general wellbeing.

Get the Stubborn Fat Loss Special Report and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition System Example Meal plans to Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just Three Weeks by emailing

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Scott Mendelson

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