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Dietary Fat Loading Friday for Successful Fat Loss and Fun!

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Scott, we really want to lose body fat before and during the Summer to look great this year. The food prep and plan is up to me to handle for my husband and three teenagers. I have seen you mention many different nutrition strategies which seem to fit over the course of week or month. How do you get organized for everything to be done correctly on the specific days?  Lana




Lana, we use a simple calendar to schedule important elements such as Fat Loading Friday and Carb Loading Tuesday as a part of the overall fat burning strategy. Eating “Clean” is not enough to earn a low body fat percentage or to drive great daily energy. Macronutrient cycling strategies including Fat Loading Friday and Carb Loading Tuesday bust fat burning stalemates, increase fat burning enzymes and naturally optimize fat burning hormones.

Success Calendar

The success calendar makes planning very easy as you can just change the composition of a couple meals each week to support the great success of you and your family. Email for a free copy of the Success Calendar where you can record your own notes and track your success.



Imagine a breakfast with Cage Free eggs and sugar-free bacon cooked in grass-fed butter on Fat Loading Friday. Email for you free copy of the Success Calendar.


Ideally, Dietary Fat Loading will be done on a weight training day to create a metabolic environment supportive of the fat burning goals. The Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System features fat loading by using a high dietary fat intake from the right sources including grass fed beef for two meals on that particular day. Keep in mind that grass-fed beef and other naturally raised protein sources are very important on Fat Loading Friday due to their superior composition.

Surge Fat Burning Enzyme Levels for Days

Loading the system with the right dietary fats makes the body over-produce fat burning enzymes in a response to the change in macronutrient breakdown vs. other days of the week.  On Saturday, Sunday and beyond fat burning enzymes levels remain elevated even when dietary fat intake returns to normal. The high levels of fat burning enzymes allow the body to burn more stored fat as fuel at a frenetic pace!  Dietary fat loading meals are highly satisfying which promotes feelings of high energy for several days.

So what about Carb Loading?

A future video and article will be the subject of an upcoming article. We separate the carb and dietary fat loading days for several reasons. Placing both of the days in the same week is very important as each supports fat burning and high energy levels in different ways.

Email for a free copy of the Success Calendar and Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System including 7 days of example meal plans. Let’s discuss your situation and goals 7 days per week.


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