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Scott, we feel like I need to mix things up with my diet for faster fat loss, but we do not know what to do. I do not respond well to most carb sources, but my husband does. We eat a lot of organic protein and vegetables, while my husband avoids refined carbs, but do not know what to do with dietary fats to help me lose more fat with better energy. ~ Sharon and Tom

Yes, you need to make strategic changes to your nutrition plan at least a couple times per week to break metabolic staleness, boost metabolism, and to naturally optimize fat-burning hormones. Using Dietary Fat Loading Strategies once or twice per week has been very effective for Dr. Serrano’s patients over the last several years to increase rates of fat burning. The protocols are especially effective for those who have experienced initial fat loss success with a keto or other lower carb plan before experiencing a slow down in progress. The High Calorie Day Strategies include Dietary Fat Loading to maximize rates of fat burning. for a free copy of the Dietary Fat Loading Sample meal plan built into the High Calorie Day Fat Loss Nutrition System. Learn out to increase fat burning enzymes to increase rates of body fat loss with organic food sources.

Dietary Fat Loading Benefits

Dietary Fat Loading is highly effective for driving excellent rates of fat burning with high daily energy levels. Choosing organic dietary fat sources such as grass fed steaks including T bones, Filets, Ribeye steaks and more are an excellent choice especially on days when you are trying to increase dietary fat levels. The body gets bored quickly when consuming the same food sources, ratios of protein, dietary fat, carbohydrates or lack thereof on a daily basis. Dietary Fat Loading forces the body to utilize more stored fat as fuel by injecting strategic variety. Increasing the caloric intake from high quality dietary fat intake once per week is also very important for preventing metabolic staleness.

Surging Fat Burning Enzymes

A large influx of dietary fat from organic sources forces the body to respond by increasing fat burning enzymes through the roof to deal with the incoming dietary fat. Fat burning enzyme levels remain elevated for many days following the dietary fat loading day and attack stored body fat very effectively.

Dietary Fats and Improve Energy Levels

The right dietary fat sources can increase energy levels significantly, especially in the absence of carbohydrate intake. A low carb intake is excellent for teaching the body to use more stored fat as fuel. During these conditions the body becomes much better as using dietary fat as a fuel source during daily activities and intense exercise instead of carbohydrate.

Email if you want to maximize rates of fat burning with Dietary Fat Loading Strategies built into the High Calorie Day Fat Loss System files. What factors have limited your success this summer so far? Email Scott to discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week.

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