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Cleanse Fat Cells to Burn Fat Fast and Say No to Low Calorie Diets

Burn Fat

Scott, my husband and I took on a new diet and we have not had as much fat loss success as we hoped. I am limited to 1,000 calories per day and he can take in no more than 1,400. We feel like we are working very hard for the last 2 months, but after some initial progress we are very disappointed. What can you suggest to get fat loss going?  ~ Carey and Roberto



Burn Fat Fast! Say NO To Low Calorie Diets!

Low calorie diets do not work and can cause long term damage to the metabolism and other factors governing fat loss. We have some good news! Based on the info you have shared with me, I have several ideas to get fat burning going ASAP. Organic dietary fat sources including grass fed beef, lamb, cage free eggs, grass fed butter, avocados and more can be used to revive fat burning by optimizing fat cell function. Continue reading to learn how to burn fat fast!


Burn Fat


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Cleansing Fat Cells

We have billions of fat cells and over time they can accumulate all sorts of bad materials from the diet, environmental toxins and more. This accumulation makes the fat cells swell in size and function poorly. Body fat loss then becomes very difficult regardless of caloric intake. Consuming a high intake of healthy protein and dietary fat sources makes great materials available for cells to take in. Larger, bad materials can then be kicked out and burned as fuel.

Cavemen in Fancy Clothing

The body is a survival machine! It adapts to perceived starvation threats quickly by lowering metabolic rate to preserve life during a famine. Keep in mind that we are still hard wired much like cavemen even though a lack of food availability is the least of our worries in modern society.

Caloric intake is one factor of many to consider when assembling a successful fat loss nutrition strategy.

We must also prioritize:

  • Food choice quality
  • Combinations of dietary fat, protein and carbohydrate.
  • Timing of meals
  • Cycling macronutrients to avoid staleness
  • Stress levels
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Exercise volume
  • And many other individual factors

We want the body to create a favorable response to all meals to support improved body composition and energy goals. This requires a combination of healthy protein sources, dietary fats and carbohydrates. In most cases carbohydrates will come from green vegetables and other higher dietary fiber sources when body fat loss is a priority.

Strategic Variety Drives Fat Burning

Many “dieters” fall into eating the same amounts, types of food, number of meals and general meal composition. This is a big mistake as the body becomes very bored quickly and has no reason to change body composition. Changing things up in a strategic fashion a few times per week as part of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System is tremendously effective for fat burning. For example, on Fat Loading Friday clients surge fat burning enzymes by consuming a high amount of dietary fat sources. Sugar free bacon, grass-fed burgers, sugar-free hot dogs and more are good sources!

Chicken Protest

In fact, consuming the same foods over and over again creates poor reactions such as difficulty losing body fat, sluggishness, poor digestion, rashes and more. A quick solution is to remove the most common foods you have been eating over the last couple months and swap in new choices. For example, if you have been consuming chicken daily like many Americans, eliminate it for a while and try grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, grass fed bison, wild caught fish, wild caught seafood and more. 


Email for a free copy of the 14 Day Fat Burning Kick Starter File including example meal plans. Let’s discuss your situation and goals 7 days per week.


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