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Chicken Bacon Ranch Kabobs Recipe

chicken bacon ranch kabobs bill ruark bbqwithbill

May 2022 Featured Chef, Bill Evans, shares his spin on a grilling favorite: kabobs! Fun to eat and delicious, this is a great recipe for a BBQ or game day. Plus — is there a better combination than chicken, bacon, and ranch?

Fire up the smoker, stack cubed chicken breast with sugar-free bacon, and toss with ranch seasoning. Serve with your favorite summer sides and enjoy!

Let’s BBQ with Bill! 

Chicken Bacon Ranch Kabobs!

Recipe & Photos by Bill Evans | @bbqwithbill

USWM Shopping List: Pasture-Raised Chicken Breasts, Pasture-Raised Thick Cut Bacon, Primal Palate Garden Ranch Seasoning

Servings: 10
Prep Time: 1 hour



  1. Heat your smoker to 325°F. 
  2. Cube chicken breasts (Pro tip: try and cut the chicken pieces the same size that way they cook evenly.)
  3. Cut bacon into approximately 1inch pieces.
  4. Coat the chicken with olive oil.
  5. Season generously with ranch seasoning.
  6. Assemble the kabobs by alternating one cube of chicken and two pieces of bacon on each stick.
  7. Smoke at 325°F until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. 


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Bill Evans

I’m a home chef in my free time and started BBQwithBill on Instagram about a year ago to share cooking tips and recipes. I live in Arizona which has great grilling weather year-round. I live with my wife, stepson, and mother-in-law who drive a lot of my recipe experiments.