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Featured Chef / July 2017

Raf Chung

80/20 Paleo husband/dad/food blogger, Between Two Forks
Kansas City, Missouri

Raf Chung is an 80/20 Paleo husband, dad and food blogger. Raf created the food blog ‘Between Two Forks’ as a creative outlet and to help inspire cooking adventures in his audience.

Seasonal, Rustic, Gourmet Adventures

Tell us about yourself:

Hi! My name is Raf Chung, I am an 80/20 Paleo husband/dad/food blogger out of Kansas City. I am the creator of Between Two Forks. It is a paleo food blog where I can utilize the left side of my brain outside of my day job to help create food memories and broaden food horizons of my audiences.

How did you get involved in cooking?

To be absolutely honest, I will have to attribute this to my parents. They were big foodies and they were constantly cooking. It is hard not to get involved when you see your parents doing it. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

Describe your cooking style:


How did you learn about grass-fed meats?

I learned about grass-fed meats when two of my very good friends and mentor told me about the paleo diet.

What is your favorite recipe featuring grass-fed meat?

My favorite grass-fed recipe has to be this Tongue N’ Cheek Taco. I mean, who says no to tacos??

You’re stranded on a desert island; luckily you’re stranded with your top 5 ingredients and must-have kitchen tool:

My five ingredients: Fresh Garlic, Salt, Smoked Paprika, Red Pepper Flakes, Olive Oil. If I have to pick one tool, it has to be my chef knife. I own many, but definitely the Miyabi!

Best cooking secret/tip/piece of advice you’ve learned:

Over the years of cooking, I’ve learned to trust and respect my ingredients. What I mean is that we need to learn to appreciate where our food comes from. Every ingredient has their own unique characteristics and we need to respect that. When we trust and respect our food, our food will be good to us.

Favorite quote/song for culinary inspiration:

There are so many Gordon Ramsey quotes I’d like to share but I will have to stick with the classic Julia Child, “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” She was such an inspiration!

Anything else you want to share:

I would like to take this time to thank you guys for choosing me as one of your featured chefs. It is such an honor to be included amongst so many talented past, present and future featured chefs! I am on almost every social media platform, please follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and I recently started a YouTube channel as well.

Brief Bio:

My name is Rafael Chung but I go by Raf. I started cooking at a young age because I realized very early on that food makes people happy. Food brings people together. It creates relationships and there are few things in life more satisfying than seeing someone smile when they eat your food. I decided to create Between Two Forks for this very reason. I want to make this world a happier place with my food. Currently, I am blogging part time outside of my big boy job but have high hopes of making this my fulltime career.


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