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Featured Chef / January 2018

John Schwint

Home Chef & Recipe Developer, Pivot2Table
New York City, New York

John is a home chef, recipe developer, and accountant by day


Tell us about yourself:

I am New York based accountant in the finance industry that loves to use cooking as a creative outlet. Cooking for me is one of the best ways to unwind from living in spreadsheets and numbers all day at the office. I live in the heart of NYC, but I do not let my small apartment kitchen cramp my cooking style. Even though I set off my fire alarm a few times a week, from searing a roast or using the broiler, I am always trying to create a new meal for family, friends and myself. I share my meals, tips and products I use on Pivot2Table, as well as my Instagram and Facebook pages.

How did you get involved in cooking?

I have always loved food and have rarely skipped a meal in my 30 years. I started with making eggs for breakfast and quickly moved from omelets to grilling on my George Foreman Grill to braising sustainably sourced grass-fed meats. It soon became a passion of mine that I partnered with my interest in nutrition. I think cooking a meal for yourself or someone else with items you find in your fridge, freezer or pantry, is one of the most creative spaces there is.

Describe your cooking style:

My cooking style is rooted in flexibility more than rigid recipe following.  I usually start with a cut of meat and then see what veggies and healthy fats I can pair that with. I like to keep my recipes simple and focus on high quality ingredients. Most of the meals I make can be cooked in 30 minutes, and can also be scaled to serve 2 or 20.

How did you learn about grass-fed meats?

After college, I really started to become more interested in nutrition, which naturally sparked my passion in cooking my own meals from start to finish.  I learned about grass fed meats through podcasts and blogs I started following that were focused on the paleo/primal movement.  Shoutout to the Joe Rogan Experience, Balanced Bites, MeatEater, Tim Ferris Podcast and US Wellness Meats!

What is your favorite recipe featuring grass-fed meat?

New York Pulled Pork Farro Bowls

You’re stranded on a desert island; luckily, you’re stranded with your top 5 ingredients and one must-have kitchen tool:

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt



Olive Oil

Red Onion

Cast Iron Skillet

We can make a gourmet meal anywhere with those.

Best cooking secret/tip/piece of advice you’ve learned:

You don’t need the fancy kitchen, special food processor or 50 step recipe. Use high quality ingredients and a simple recipe over a complex recipe with lower grade ingredients.

What’s your favorite quote/song for culinary inspiration (if any)?

“You don’t need more recipes. You need to learn to cook without them.”

– Tim Ferriss


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