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Featured Chef / May 2023

Bill Harlow

Hobby Chef, Cook with Bill
Parrish, Florida

Bill Harlow is a husband, dad and hobby chef who has honed his cooking talents, especially for outdoor grilling, BBQ and smoking.


Tell us about yourself:

Hi, I’m Bill — husband, dad, work in higher education, and a hobby chef. I enjoy traveling, sharing meals, and lifelong learning. I live in Florida, where it is always outdoor cooking season, and really any excuse to be outside season all the time.

In January 2022, I began sharing my efforts on social media and have really enjoyed growing my craft and learning from others. Opportunities to connect with people through food has helped fuel personal growth and open opportunities like this one which I’m incredibly thankful.

How did you get involved in cooking?

Like many, cooking became a more important aspect with Covid. I transitioned to working from home as part of lifestyle changes encountered in 2020. Prior to this, my wife and I would cook simple/basic meals based on whoever got home first. If not, we would go out to eat or grab something on the way home. With the options to eat out limited, I began writing down meals that I missed. I Researched recipes, ingredients, videos, social media posts and tried numerous kitchen experiments. Over time, the meals got better and started to resemble what we would go out for in the past. In time it’s become a fun hobby to grow and expand on.

Describe your cooking style:

I’m not a traditional cook in any way. I’ve learned along the way informally — researching old, current, and various cooking methods. I’m probably most known for outdoor cooking, especially with smoking and grilling meats. However, I also enjoy cooking Asian inspired dishes, especially Chinese dishes. I also enjoy experimenting and developing recipes. I have a lot of fun taking a traditional dish and thinking of different ways to cook. Maybe adding outdoor elements, or cooking with sous vide, or combining styles. Cooking is a fun hobby for me, and any chance I get to cook for others and share my hobby, really makes it rewarding when I hear the meal is better than a restaurant.

How did you learn about grass-fed meats?

Interest in grass-fed meats started at my local farmer’s market. Reading the different signs at the butcher counter, and not understanding the descriptions. Taking time and talking with the butchers, researching, and simply buying and understanding the taste and health benefits made all the difference. Eating more vitamin-dense meat is a big win for me at the dinner table, and the taste is incredible.

What is your favorite recipe featuring grass-fed meat?

Bone-in Ribeye is always a favorite to cook. However, wine braised beef short ribs is a meal I continue to experiment and learn from each time I make. I enjoy the process of making this dish, especially when given the proper time and energy it takes to do it right.

You’re stranded on a desert island; luckily, you’re stranded with your top 5 ingredients and one must-have kitchen tool:

Must have kitchen tool would be my PK300 grill with matches and fuel. This grill has changed the way I grill, smoke and BBQ. Sichuan red pepper flake, garlic, mustard-based BBQ sauce and avocado oil. From there, I feel I would have the essentials to cook nearly anything I would find on the island.

Best cooking secret/tip/piece of advice you’ve learned:

Cooking outdoors is not about cooking to time, but it is cooking to temperature. It took me awhile to really figure that one out. The science of cooking is pretty amazing and experimenting and trying new recipes is a great way to learn. I’ve certainly had my failures along the way, but cooking to temperature really changes the way you think about things in the kitchen (or outdoor kitchen).

What’s your favorite quote/song for culinary inspiration (if any)?

Lately, listening to 80’s and 90’s music has been very inspiring to my cooking, the different tempo, the memories it unlocks, and meals that I may have had growing up. Music is a large part of sharing my cooks on Instagram, it extends the connection with my followers.

Your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube):

Instagram – @CookwithBill
TikTok – @CookwithBill
Facebook – @CookwithBill

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