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Featured Chef / November 2017

Aimee Wilson

Food, Travel, and Lifestyle Blogger, One Full Plate
Denver, Colorado

Aimee Wilson is a food, travel, and lifestyle blogger for


Less is more with healthy ingredients

Tell Us About Yourself:

My name is Aimee and I’m a food, travel, and lifestyle blogger for One Full Plate.  Before I discovered my variety of food sensitives and allergies in 2016, I was an intern at Eater Chicago and a beverage expert at The Chicago Chic (eating everything and anything).  My husband, two dogs, and I recently moved from my hometown of Chicago, IL to Denver, CO.  Although the initial content of my blog has shifted drastically from restaurant reviews, I now focus on wholesome ways to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle.

How did you get involved in cooking?

Growing up in a very Polish family, I was always fascinated by cooking outside of the normal meat, butter, and potatoes. However, once my mother stopped cooking when I hit middle school, it forced me to learn how to prepare family meals on my own.  At the time, I whipped up what I thought was “healthy” ingredients to feed my siblings and myself once we got home from school.  However, my childhood was filled with preservatives, fatty, and mass produced foods. As I’m older and much more wiser on what I put in my mouth, I’ve gotten a lot more adventurous and creative with the clean ingredients I find at the store.

Cooking Style:

Less is more with super clean and reliable ingredients.

How did I learn about Grass Fed Meats:

A girl I used to live with introduced me to the paleo diet and how it differed from the unconventional type.  For years on weight watchers, I was always focused on low protein and low fat.  However, once I started eating grass fed, it made a huge difference in how I feel and function.

Favorite Recipe:

Since it’s getting colder in Denver, I’ve been craving big bowls of hearty soups, just like my pork sausage stew.

Top 5 ingredients and tool:

Sweet Potatoes

Olive Oil

Sea Salt



Toaster Oven

Best Secret:

Adding combinations of spices works just as good or even better than using store bought sauces.

Favorite Quote/Song:

“People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child

Anything else:

Adventure with me on my site at and on Instagram @Onefullplate.


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