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mothers and graduates, picnic

May Holiday Gift Ideas link

The month of May is sprinkled with an array of holidays including Mother’s Day and springtime graduations. If you are looking for some gift ideas for the mothers and graduates in your life, check out this list of gift ideas for the month of May. Gift Ideas for Avid...
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arctic canoe trip, source runs north, pemmican

2800 Mile Arctic Canoe Trip link

This summer, six men will endeavor to challenge themselves and Mother Nature by canoeing 2,800 miles from Rainy Lake, Minnesota to the Arctic Ocean. The trans-Canada expedition is known as The Source Runs North. The men who have accepted the challenge are: Paul Beach,...
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elk chili

Spicy Elk Chili Recipe link

This Spicy Elk Chili recipe from George Bryant is great for evenings when it’s a little bit cool outside or when you want something with some zip! The great thing about chili is that you can substitute almost any ingredient to make it the way you want it. Ground...
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core muscles

Client Earns Stunning Six Pack Definition with Functional Core Training Intervals link

Scott, I would really like to have a great six pack this summer and my wife wants better overall definition. While we have both been lean before we never had any abdominal definition. Recently we have not done a good job with our food choices or exercise so we gained...
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