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Healthy brain aging linked to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the blood link

Editor’s Note: US Wellness Meats offers a wide variety of nutrient rich 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, lamb, bison, & Dairy. You’ll also find we carry the highest quality, premium wild-caught seafood, heritage pork, free-range poultry and more! This...
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AIP Breakfast Pork Sausage

Easy To Make AIP Breakfast Pork Sausage link

AIP Breakfast Pork Sausage Recipe By: Jean Choi of What Great Grandma Ate PREP TIME: 5 minutes COOK TIME: 10 minutes TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes SERVES: USWM Shopping List: Ground Pork, Organic AIP Seasonings, Ghee or Butter   Don’t let this quick Breakfast Pork...
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US Wellness Meats Salute To Veterans link

A Heartfelt Tribute To Veterans We are constantly reminded of the sacrifices made by service men and women and their families. USWM offers this special tribute to all of our Veterans! We would like to honor all the service men and women that risk their lives day in...
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Ball Slam Circuits for Excellent 6-Pack Development and Fat Burning link

Scott, I want to get a six pack and get in better shape for several sports such as tennis and basketball.  I am very short on time to train and like to do things at home.  I know I need to lose at least 15 pounds of body fat and quick considering July is already...
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Fill Your Forks With Love Giveaway link

ENTER TO WIN this month’s Fill Your Fork With Love Giveaway! July 2017 USWM Featured Chef, Raf Chung of Between Two Forks, shares his culinary creativity and passion for adventurous cooking. Check out Raf’s Chef Page for Recipes and Q&A and enter to win this...
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