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lose 10 pounds

14 Day Fat Burning Kick Starter to Lose 10 Pounds ASAP and Shift to A Fat Adapted Status link

Scott, I am in a hurry to lose 10 pounds of body fat over the next 2 weeks before a trip to the Bahamas.   I feel that I have been eating very clean, but have had several break downs where I have made bad choices during the last month as well.  After the trip I would...
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Grassfed T-Bone

Southwestern Grassfed T-Bone link

Here is another great grilling idea for a summer day with a nice kick to it. This is not overly spicy but it definitely has a nice kick to it, you can always change up the rub to your liking. Serve this with a side of simple grilled cauliflower and you are set for a...
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ketogenic diet

Metabolically Supported Therapies for the Improvement of Cancer Treatment link

Editor’s Note: US Wellness Meats specializes in nutritionally rich meats. Due to the high demand for ketogenic friendly, higher fat beef, we recently introduced 55% lean beef, ground. All of our beef, bison, lamb and dairy products are 100% grass-fed and...
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