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chicken tortilla soup, pasture-raised chicken, chicken thighs
Chef, Featured Recipes, Grassland Poultry, Recipes

Chicken Tortilla Soup

The new year means a new round of Featured Chefs. We are excited to announce The March 2020 Featured Chef is Ryan Kennedy. Ryan will be sharing four delicious recipes on the blog using a variety of USWM products. A special thank you to Ryan for providing new recipes...
enchiladas, ryan kennedy, recipe, grassland beef
Chef, Featured Recipes, Recipes

Chicken Zucchini Enchiladas

If you have been looking for a delicious dish to satisfy your spicy cravings, March Featured Chef Ryan Kennedy has the perfect recipe for you. Ryan gives his take on a classic Mexican dish. His Chicken Zucchini Enchiladas are packed full of flavor and healthy...
homemade, meat sticks, ground beef, ground elk
Chef, Featured Recipes, Grassland Beef, Recipes

Homemade Meat Sticks

March Featured Chef Ryan Kennedy has provided a yummy and unique recipe for us to try. Ryan’s Homemade Meat Sticks are the perfect alternative to many processed options in conventional grocery stores.  The packaged protein bar industry has seriously exploded...
Ethiopian Beef Stew, Melissa Joulwan, recipe, beef chuck
Grassland Beef, Paleo, Recipes, US Wellness Meats, Whole30

Ethiopian Beef Stew

Recipe Author: Melissa Joulwan, WellFed | Photo by Steph Gaudreau Trying new recipes of international cuisine is such a delicious and exciting new adventure. We are excited to share Melissa Joulwan’s Ethiopian Beef Stew Recipe with you. A special thank you to...
pasture raised pork bacon
Heritage Pork, Paleo, Recipes

Onion Bacon Mushroom Egg Puff Recipe

Recipe & Photos Courtesy of Kaylie Watson, Kaylie Watson’s Nourished Wellness Kaylie is a past Featured Chef with US Wellness Meats and has some sensational recipes. This recipe is a delicious combination of caramelized onions, pasture raised pork bacon,...
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