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coffee pot roast
Chef, Featured Recipes, Grassland Beef, Paleo, Recipes

Coffee Pot Roast

Recipe Author: Robert Sikes | Keto Savage We’re pleased to have Robert Sikes as our US Wellness Meats Featured Chef for August 2019. Robert has followed Ketogenic principles in his diet as part of his fitness regimen. He is a competitive body builder,...
chicken wings, organic seasoning, garden ranch, primal palate
Gluten-Free, Grassland Poultry, Paleo, Recipes

Garden Ranch Wings Recipe

Chicken wings or drumsticks can be a fantastic hors d’oeuvres at a BBQ or dinner party. If you’re searching for something different to change things up for dinner, they’ll make a delicious meal too. Start with pasture raised chicken to make this a...
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