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Entertaining on a Budget link

Whether you are hosting a backyard BBQ or a holiday feast, entertaining guests can be a financial investment. If you are planning an upcoming event for family, friends and neighbors (perhaps the big game), here are ten tips to entertaining on a budget.#1 Add...
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Paleo Cookbooks & Recipe Authors link

Paleo Cookbook & Recipe Authors This is a list of recipe and paleo cookbook authors who have been featured on US Wellness Meats over the years. This is not an exhaustive list, but a work in progress. Please let us know if you should be on here too. Many of these...
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Change up the Caloric Intake at Least Once a Week To Spike Metabolism link

Scott, I prefer to eat the same basic meals every day, but after reading some of your columns I can see that may not be the best way to do things. After a few weeks of eating very well my progress usually slows down. Would I be better off changing things up to get...
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