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leg of lamb
Grassland Lamb, Paleo, Recipes

Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe

This savory roasted leg of lamb recipe will have your mouth watering as the oven begins to cook the grass-fed lamb. Hayley at Primal Palate shares this family favorite with us. It’s guaranteed to make it into your own recipe book. Enjoy! Recipe Author:...
Lamb Hash
Chef, Featured Recipes, Grassland Lamb, Recipes

Ground Lamb Hash

This one-pot meal, ground lamb hash, combines warming spices with the salty acidity of green olives for a robust flavor that I can’t get enough of!     RECIPE AUTHOR: Tracey Grant US Wellness Meats Shopping List: Ground Lamb, Bone Broth Serves: 4...
wild-caught salmon, b vitamins
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The Rotation Diet: Find the Root Cause of Your “Mystery” Symptoms & Start Your Road to Recovery Today

In my previous article, I highlighted five primary benefits of following a rotation diet:   Helps you identify foods that may cause adverse reactions Gives your immune system time to recover Reduces development of new allergies and food intolerances Encourages...
Grass-fed Lamb Chops
Grassland Lamb, Recipes, US Wellness Meats

Thai Green Curry Lamb Loin Chops

There’s something amazing about the combination of spicy curry and the gaminess of the lamb meat. The flavors meld together so well and this dish tastes like what you would get at a restaurant. These grass-fed lamb loin chops are so tender and juicy and I love that it...
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