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Grassland Beef, US Wellness Meats

Restaurant Partner Brewz n Dawgz

If you find yourself wandering around the beautiful coastal town of St. Augustine, Florida, you have an opportunity to enjoy one of the best DAWGZ on the planet! Brewz n Dawgz has been serving up our grass-fed sausages and ground beef with all the fixins’ since...
grassfed sirloin tip steak
Grassland Beef, Grilling, Paleo, Recipes

Curry Sirloin Tips Recipe

Super simple, quick and incredibly tasty! That’s the beauty of this recipe. Our friends at Paleo Palate share this Curry Sirloin Tips recipe for a quick lunch or dinner. Start with 100% Grass-fed & Finished Beef Sirloin Steaks and use Primal Palate organic...
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