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sweet potato hash
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Sweet Potato Hash

Steph Lodge shares this delicious Sweet Potato Hash dish complete with Sugar-Free, Hickory Smoked Pork Bacon. Steph is the USWM March 2019 Featured Chef. This is a simple to make, super healthy side dish or breakfast bowl. USWM Sugar-Free Bacon is all-natural,...

Jodi Brown

Inflammation slaying Chef, Educator & Organizer Jodi Brown loves to share her knowledge of healing foods.


Danny Sterling

Danny Sterling is a classically trained chef and has apprenticed under multiple Certified Master Chefs. He and his wife Julia own and operate Cumberland Heritage and encourage nourishing food and lifestyles.

pork belly
Chef, Featured Recipes, Good Fats, Heritage Pork, Paleo

Herb Roasted Pork Belly

Pasture raised heirloom pork is not like the pork you’ll find in the grocery store. It really does make a difference in taste and nutritional quality. This recipe brings out the savory aroma and flavors of the heirloom pork belly. Prepare your senses for a...
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