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Kate Kordsmeier

Kate Kordsmeier is a freelance food and travel writer, author and creator of the food & wellness site, Root & Revel.


Celeste Longacre

Celeste is the author of Celeste’s Garden Delights and an avid gardener. She describes herself as a ‘Method’ cook, using the fresh produce harvested from her backyard garden to bring life to her recipes.


Scott Caygill

Chef and parent Scott Caygill’s philosophy when it comes to cooking is simple: Easy, delicious recipes that let him eat well and spend more time with his family.


Jean Choi

Chef Jean Choi believes that the food you love should love you back, making you feel amazing inside and out.


Dominique Fasano

Chef Dominique Fasano loves food, traveling, and finding the best foods while traveling. Her speciality is clean, Paleo recipes.


Allison Schaaf

Chef Allison Schaaf’s recipes are based on real, whole, unprocessed foods with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients.

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