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Cast Iron Duck Breast Recipe

Duck Breast with whiskey and knife

Our July Featured Chef, Jeremy Platt from Platt Daddy BBQ, brings us yet another knock-out recipe that is sure to please any dinner plate! Jeremy says, “Discover this stunning product from US Wellness Meats! You’ll love how simple it is to prepare and how effortlessly it cooks to perfection.” 

Cast Iron Duck Breast

Recipe By: Jeremy Platt | @plattdaddybbq

USWM Shopping List: Pastured Boneless Duck Breast | All Purpose Seasoning



Take the Duck Breast out of the package and thoroughly pat dry. Snag the sharpest knife you have, and cross-score the skin around 1/8 inch deep, taking care not to expose the flesh.

Salt the skin side generously with your choice of salt. Season the other side with your favorite all-purpose seasoning….US Wellness has an EXCELLENT All purpose seasoning that I would highly recommend. Pro-tip, a little bit goes a long way.

Returning back to that beautiful duck… Grab your favorite pre-seasoned cast iron. Preferably one with a bit of a lip to catch the rendered duck fat. No need to worry about oiling the duck skin. The fat will render and will give you all the liquid gold you need. Do NOT preheat your pan. Now, place that duck on the cast iron skin side down, then pop your pan over an open flame on your grill or high-heat on your stove. 

Cook the breast for 4 minutes on the skin side, flip, and 2 minutes on the other side. 

Remove the breast from the pan at an internal temperature of 130 degrees. Let rest for 10 minutes, then enjoy!

pastured duck breast, jeremy platt, platt daddy bbq

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Jeremy Platt, Platt Daddy BBQ

Jeremy Platt

Meet Jeremy, a Missouri native who brings mouth-watering smoked meats and treats to the Tri-State area on a daily basis. He is the talented chef and co-owner of Platt Daddy BBQ in Quincy, IL, a family-owned catering company that has now expanded to its very first brick-and-mortar restaurant. Having worked hard to achieve this level of success, Jeremy is filled with a sense of self-respect and empowerment that comes from making the necessary sacrifices in the culinary industry.