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Carbs and Functional Core Training Build A Fat Burning Inferno

lose body fat faster

Scott, we need to lose body fat faster as summer is heating up. How much cardio and how much weight training per week? How lean do you need to be to show off a six pack and finally how do we handle carbohydrates?

~ Phil and Wendy.

Earning a great six pack is accomplished by a combination of lowering body fat and training the core muscles as nature intended to improve definition. Check out the Functional Core Conditioning Circuits videos which involves great abdominal training movements while boosting fat burning hormones. Getting the core and fat burning interval work done at the same time is challenging and a net time saver twice per week. On three other days of the week I would highly suggest weight training specifically geared to fat burning by keeping rest periods very short between challenging strip sets such as the Strip 18 program.

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Carbs Can Accelerate Body Fat Loss

Using the correct sources, timing and amounts of carbohydrates will help both of you lose body fat faster. However you must build conditions so the body can respond favorably to carbohydrates by eliminating them for a while. The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan eliminates all carbohydrates outside of green vegetables for a few weeks to shift the body to using more stored fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. During this process the body learns to not only use stored fat as a fuel source, but also how to utilize carbohydrates at a later date to add a huge log to the fat burning fire.

Grass fed butter with mashed potatoes, cage free chicken and extra virgin olive oil make a great post exercise meal as part of the Day 22 Carb Load.

The Day 22 Carb Load utilizes carbohydrates for one day to break metabolic staleness, to optimize fat burning hormones including reviving the thyroid. Women aiming to lose body fat in particular suffer from difficulty with thyroid function which limits their success. The correct strategies including the Day 22 Carb Load can make a world of difference for females over the age of 45.

Carbs Are Activity Dependent

Carbohydrates are activity dependent making them a great choice during the meal following training along with organically raised dietary fat and protein sources. The organic dietary fats within grass fed beef, cage free chicken and wild caught fish help the body respond more favorably to carbohydrate consumption. Keep in mind that organically raised dietary fat sources are free of the toxins that otherwise screw up billions of fat cells causing a massive increase to size of the fat storage warehouse that is permanent in nature.

Intense exercise five times per week as described above creates a hormonal and metabolic environment which can use carbohydrates more efficiently. The higher the quality of the training measured by productivity and intensity the better.

Weight Training for Fat Loss

Strip 18 Training is designed to maximize the fat burning benefits of every set with changes to the weight load during the elongated set. These conditions not only burn more calories, but also use the lactic acid release to naturally pump up fat burning hormones with training sessions under 40 minutes. The harder you work, the higher the fat burning hormones go!

How Lean Do you Need to Be to Show Off A Great Six Pack?

An experienced trainee would tell you that you need to reach single digit body fat percentage with a caliper test to show off a great six pack. My clients have shown off great abs at 12% body fat or even a little higher as they have excellent core muscle definition due to proper training. There are individual factors that impact this determination as well including density of fat storage receptors in certain areas which will be the topic of a future article.

Email to get the Day 22 Carb Load including sample meal plans and the Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight training program with demonstration videos. Summer is here so it is time to take corrective action with new strategies. We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week.

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