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Carbohydrate Loading for Continued Fat Burning into Spring Break

carbohydrate loading

Scott, we are very confused regarding carbohydrate consumption and body fat loss. Some say they are good and most say they are bad. We have done very well with a 0 carb ketogenic plan, but after a few weeks the progress becomes so slow with fat loss. Do we need carbs and how do we use them to keep fat loss going fast?  ~ Tina and Joe





Tina and Joe,

The right carbohydrate sources, timing, amounts and combinations of foods is like adding a huge log to the fat burning fire according to Dr. Serrano’s extensive research. Since the start of 2018 clients have been earning great fat loss success by using a carbohydrate loading day following the 21 Day Fat Cleanse Nutrition plan. Day 22 carbohydrate loading reignites fat burning in many ways for people who choose to then repeat another cycle of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse to lose even more body fat.



carbohydrate loading



Email for the Day 22 Carb Loading meal structure and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan file.


Many people wanting to lose body fat experience the same frustrations you have gone through with difficulty losing body fat after 3 or 4 weeks following a plan.  Common reasons for slow progress include a lack of strategic variety in the diet, low caloric intake stalling metabolism, food allergies, and plummeting fat burning hormones associated with a number of “diet tactical mistakes”.


Cycling Strategies Makes the Difference


Dr. Serrano and I are both in favor of low carbohydrate plans for a period of time to maximize fat burning.  However cycling in carbohydrates correctly enhances the fat burning advantages of a low carbohydrate phase for a few weeks following.


Two to three meals containing carbohydrates on Day 22 helps to spread out the benefits over the course of the day without overwhelming the system.  The most challenging exercise session of the week should be matched with the carbohydrate loading day.


Day 22 Carbohydrate Loading Benefits


  • Reduce Stress hormone levels
  • Boost metabolism
  • Macronutrient cycling element to prevent staleness
  • Huge mental lift!


You should always match the carbohydrates with sustainably raised protein and dietary fat sources to create excellent fat burning conditions.  Leaner protein sources such as cage free chicken, sustainably raised pork, wild caught fish and wild caught seafood work very well when combined with rice as well as potatoes during a meal following exercise.



carbohydrate loading



Combining the correct sources of carbohydrates, healthy dietary fats, and sustainably raised lean protein sources create ideal fat burning conditions when combined with exercise.


Don’t Forget the Right Fats


Grass fed butter on top of rice or potatoes tastes great!  Avocado and extra virgin olive oil from a dark bottle or can are ideal dietary fat sources to be combined with carbohydrates and lean sustainably raised protein sources to maximize fat burning benefits.   The total amount of carbohydrates consumed, activity levels, body weight and other factors will determine the rate of glycogen replenishment.


Rice and potatoes create a great response for most people based on years of experience.  We suggest clients take note of how they are feeling following meals and how they look in the mirror the day following to gauge their response to certain food sources.  For example a poor response to a carbohydrate source could be bloating, sluggishness or increased water retention. 


Author: Scott Mendelson


Email for free copies of the Carbohydrate Loading Day Meal Plan and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Program so you can be ready for Spring Break.  We can discuss your New Year Goals and Challenges 7 days per week.


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