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Buying Grass-Fed Meat on a Budget

Petite NY Strip, grass-fed meat

We get asked frequently if we have any money-saving tips for buying grass-fed meat. We certainly understand the budget constraints of the modern individual and family. As more and more people are discovering the many benefits of grass-fed beef and other grass-fed meat, the demand is growing rapidly. We work hard to keep our prices reasonable and affordable for everyone and are happy to share some of our best money-saving suggestions with you.

Our top 10 tips for saving money on grass-fed meat:

  1. Combine an order with friends or co-workers to purchase in bulk for volume discounts.
  2. Subscribe to our free newsletter. We offer a 15% off Red Letter Coupon code to be applied toward the retail price of any available item. This discount code is effective Sunday through Tuesday at midnight.
  3. Opt for ground products: beef, bison and lamb offer all the grass-fed health benefits at a reasonable cost. These are great for a multitude of quick and easy recipes, so you’ll save time as well as money.
  4. Buy ground beef and patties in bulk. 75% lean burger is loaded with cancer-fighting CLA and heart-healthy omega 3’s. It is less expensive on a per pound basis than 85% ground beef.
  5. Stock up and save by taking advantage of our volume discounts. You can find all volume discounts here.
  6. Check our weekly sale items. Every week we alternate sale items and offer them 15-20% off retail prices.
  7. Buy primals instead of the individual steaks. Cut your own steaks and save money at the same time. We currently offer the ribeye primalstriploin primal and inside round primal. This is an easy way to save nearly 40% on your steaks.
  8. Save on best-selling ny strip and tenderloin meat by buying the tenderloin or ny strip kabobs. It’s the same cut in smaller portion sizes but is more budget friendly.
  9. Some of our most affordable steaks are the flat iron steaks and sirloin steaks. These cuts are a great buy and offer superior value for your food dollar. If you have a larger family, try our best-selling minute steaks for an affordable dinner option.
  10. Organ meats are a lesser known and lower cost option. Trying organ meats can be intimidating, but there are plenty of great resources available. Besides our blog and weekly newsletter, our featured monthly chefs frequently create recipes with our delicious organ meats. Still hesitant to try organ meats? Our fully-cooked organ sausages are affordable nutrient-dense selections: liverwurst, braunschweiger and head cheese. This is an easy way to incorporate healthy organ meats into your diet or sneak them into your kids’ diet. Bonus Tip: Although not grass-fed, we couldn’t help but share another great tip: Get your fill of Omega3 rich wild-caught seafood and save by purchasing cans instead of the fish filets.

As you can see, there are several ways to stretch your food dollar, and many savings you can take advantage of on a regular basis. We certainly understand budget constraints and try to work with you when we can. Also, we recommend checking our Blog, Facebook and Pinterest for frequent contests, current giveaways and upcoming promotions.

We’ve recently been mentioned in a guide for The Best Sources for Affordable, Healthy Food, where you can find even more tips and tricks for shopping on a budget.