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Buy All-Natural, Pasture Raised Foods In Bulk

buy meat in bulk, dementia, healthy fats, dha, cooking

Eating healthy and staying within budget can be a challenge. Parents particularly worry that their children are eating too much junk and not enough nutrient rich foods. It’s a big reason why the market for supplements continues to rise. Getting your vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from your food is always better.

Become A Frugal Food Shopping Ninja

Why not purchase in bulk? If you don’t have freezer space, ask friends and family if they’ll split a purchase. It was common in years past for people to split a side of beef. The same reasons apply today.

Buying in bulk allows you to save money and ensure your family is eating healthy meals and snacks.

Buy In Bulk – Save Money

There are several ways to purchase in bulk:

  1. US Wellness Meats has many foods with volume discounts
  2. Whole Primals you can portion yourself
  3. Fresh, Chilled Bundles (available the first of every month)
  4. Watch for sales and discount codes for big savings (sign up for our free newsletter to receive discount codes)

Discount Codes, Category Sale Items, and Weekly Specials do not apply to Volume Discounted Items.

buy meat in bulk,

Sustainably Raised, Grass-fed Meats Available in Bulk:

100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef

  1. 6.25 lbsWhole Beef Ribeye Primal
  2. 7.25 lbsWhole Beef Striploin Primal
  3. 2.75 lbsWhole Beef Tenderloin Primal
  4. 15 lbsWhole Beef Inside Round Primal
  5. 14 lbsBeef Back Ribs Bundle
  6. 25 lbsGround Beef, 75% Lean in 1 lb pkgs
  7. 5 lb – Beef Canoe Marrow Bone Bundle
  8. 4.5 lbsFresh Chilled Gourmet Steak Bundle
  9. 15 lbsFresh Chilled Ground Beef Bundle in 1 lb pkgs
  10. 12 lbsFresh Chilled Roast & Ground Beef Bundle
  11. 8 lbsFresh Chilled Steak & Ground Beef Bundle
  12. 7.25 lbsFresh Chilled Whole Beef Striploin

Free Range, Pasture Raised Chicken

Free Range, Pasture Raised Soy-Free Chicken

Pasture Raised and Soy Free Heirloom Pork

All-Natural Raw Pet Foods

buy meat in bulk, dementia, healthy fats, dha, cooking

We can help you become a ninja food shopper! Call us at 877.383.0051 or visit us online for more information about buying all-natural, sustainably raised foods in bulk.