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Burning Stubborn Belly & Leg Fat For A Tropical Wedding

belly fat, stubborn body fat

Scott, I am losing overall body fat this summer, but I cannot get rid of the stubborn fat around my thighs, glutes and love handles which is stressing me out to the max. Over three months I have lost a lot of body fat weight, but these other areas are not budging. I am weight training, doing sprints and using a nutrition plan with no refined foods. My husband is on the same plan and having success on the scale, but I could swear his belly is getting bigger. What can we do to lose the stubborn fat as our daughter is getting married in the Bahamas in late August. ~ Karen and Joe

Turning off your fat storage receptors is of vital importance when wanting to burn stubborn body fat. Women have a high density of fat storage receptors concentrated in the lower body as you describe while men have more difficulty with belly fat. The amount of fat storage receptors can be linked to genetic factors beyond your control with some people having many more than others. However these receptors can be shut off with the right exercise, nutrition, fueling and recovery approach based on the success Dr. Eric Serrano MD and myself have had with many clients.

What Are The Keys To Reducing Stubborn Body Fat?

belly fat

Learn How to get rid of stubborn body fat with our free special report by emailing Naturally optimizing hormonal and metabolic trends with the right strategies has worked very well for our clients to chip away at stubborn body fat in a hurry!

Shut Off Fat Storage Receptors

Stress from many source activates fat storage receptors to do what they do best, you guessed it, store fat. Elevated stress from too much steady state cardio or exercise overall is a leading reason why people may actually increase stubborn body fat by accident while working very hard. This incredibly frustrating situation like that of your husband with the increased belly fat must be rectified with a change in strategies.

belly fat, stubborn body fat

Organically raised pork is a great food choice and may be readily available in the Bahamas per this picture. An organically raised animal will have a superior dietary fat content and free of exogenous hormones found in commercially raised foods.

Improve Exercise Efficiency

Keeping weight training sessions under forty minutes by increasing efficiency is an important move to keep stress hormones in check. Three well planned weight training sessions each week will focus on fat burning intervals twice per week instead of steady state cardio. You’ll maximize rates of fat burning with sessions that are less than thirty minutes. Exercise sessions that trend longer can cause stress hormones to increase which activates fat storage receptors and wastes muscle.

Reduce Stress ASAP

Many people become very stressed during efforts to lose body fat while preparing for a huge event such as a wedding. This increased stress contributes to more problems causing a lack of confidence in the plan which leads to poor execution. Having confidence in your approach and seeing steady progress provides a huge stress relief for clients. This is based on over 20 years of experience.

Carb Sensitive Status

It is common for people struggling to lose stubborn body fat to be highly carbohydrate sensitive which can be connected to elevated stress levels. High stress negatively impacts insulin sensitivity which means the most potent fat storage hormone will be elevated during meals. For this reason, and many others, I would highly suggest the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan followed by the Day 22 Carb Load repeated at least twice leading up to the wedding.

Email to get the Stubborn Body Fat Burning Special Report and the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan including complete sample days of eating. Take action to get rid of stubborn body fat while summer is still red hot. We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week.

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