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Burn up to 40 pounds of Body Fat with the 88 Day Burn Cycle

goals, nutrition strategies, motivation

Scott, I need to lose a lot of body fat and January did not finish up well.  I worked very hard for a month with diet and exercise and the progress was only two pounds of body fat loss which tells me something is wrong. I need a plan to start right after Valentine’s Day which is when I will break the news to my husband that he is going to follow the same plan as I am not cooking separate dinners each night!

Building Confidence

Yes, confidence in the plan is absolutely crucial for driving the consistency of execution necessary to maximize rates of fat burning.  I would highly suggest the 88 Day Burn Cycle which we have seen many clients use to burn up to 40 pounds and feel great during 2018.  The plan consists of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse and the Day 22 Carb Load repeated 4 times for a total of 88 days.  Consider that most people do not follow any plan for more than month or so with even average compliance because the design is poor and results are painfully slow.  As a result very few people who are not part of the genetic elite ever reach peak rates of fat burning necessary for great transformations. 

nutrition strategies, goals, nutrition plan, motivation

One of your clients sent in this recent before and after photo following the first 28 days of his plan.  Chris intends to complete the 88 Day Burn Cycle he started January 1 to prepare for a tropical vacation.  Email for free copies of the 88 Day Burn Cycle and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan Calendar.

I agree with you 100% that getting your husband on board with the plan to lose body fat will benefit him tremendously and make your life much easier.  I would be happy to talk with him to discuss any questions.  We have male and female versions of the plan that we sent out by email with no cost as you know.  Committing to the 88 Day Burn Cycle will produce great results.  Your execution does not have to be perfect, however the better your performance, the faster body fat loss will come. 

goals, nutrition strategies

Breaking into new levels of success requires taking the road less traveled at time.  Most people never venture outside of simple nutrition strategies which leads them to staleness very quickly.

Building Metabolic and Hormonal Momentum

You can be one of the many people who builds metabolic and hormonal momentum by following the right plan for your needs over an 88 day period.  88 days seems like a long time, but in reality it is a pretty short investment in time to lose a significant amount of body fat.  Keep in mind that the body does not start out at 100 miles per hour fat burning within the first few days of cleaning up your nutrition plan.  It takes time to prime the metabolic, digestive, hormonal, adrenal, fat cells and other systems governing body fat loss. 

The body thrives off of consistently sending the right signals with nutrition, exercise and recovery.  As a result more bodily resources can be focused on burning body fat, repairing muscles and driving high energy levels.  It is very common for clients to report a faster rate of progress during the second and third month of the plan as metabolic and hormonal momentum builds.

Track Your Success

We built an effective calendar tool to help clients keep track of the weekly High Calorie Day and Day 22 Carb Load.  The same calendar print out can be used as a motivation tool.  Simple check marks on the calendar each day to note compliance, notes to yourself, motivation points and other visual elements can serve as a great motivation tool on a daily basis.  Put the calendar page in a visible spot and hold yourself accountable.

Be Highly Satisfied with Your Meals

Meals full of grass fed beef, sustainably raised lamb and bison are very satisfying.  Add a variety of vegetables to meals and the right dietary fat sources to complete satisfying meals that support improved rates of body fat loss in addition to daily energy.

Working Hard and Smart Drives Success

Having the right strategies in place to force the body to burn more stored fat as fuel is absolutely crucial.  We know that eating principally the same foods in similar proportions each day leads to a sluggish metabolism fairly quickly which is why Dr. Serrano and I built macronutrient cycling into the 88 Day Burn Cycle.  Each week features a high calorie day full of grass-fed beef, raw nuts, extra virgin olive oil and other organic dietary fat sources to provide strategic variety the body needs to maximize fat burning.

Targeted Carb Intake Sparks Fat Burning

This is about the time of year when many people grind to a halt with fat loss progress after taking on a zero carb intake since January 1.  Low carbohydrate approaches are great, however eliminating carbohydrates for too long can kill rates of body fat loss by creating sluggishness and lowering thyroid hormonal output.  This is one of the many reasons why we use the Day 22 Carb Load which is timed perfectly to put a huge log on the fat burning fire.

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Scott Mendelson

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