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Burn Fat Like Wild Fire with Fat Loading Friday Food Choice Strategies

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Our fat loss has stalled out with a keto plan after 4 disciplined weeks. I am thinking of trying your Fat Loading Friday and Carb Loading Tuesday style of eating. What are the best things to consume on Fat Loading Friday and what does it do for fat burning and performance?  ~ Martin and Grace. Austin TX





Fat Loading Friday meals will surge fat burning enzymes naturally, optimize fat burning hormones, break metabolic plateaus, lubricate joints and improve training performance. Grass fed beef and lamb, grass fed beef bacon and more serve as powerful food choices on Fat Loading Friday. I can help you personalize a program to maximize rates of fat burning and daily energy.


Your fat loss progress stopped because the body gets bored very quickly by eating the same items in similar protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate ratios day after day. Fat burning hormones can also drop tremendously due to a long term absence of the right carbohydrate sources and timing.





Email for a free copy of the Fat Loading Friday Meal Plan and the Aggressive 60 2.0 Fat Loss Nutrition System file.


Cycle Your Caloric Intake Every Week


Fat Loading Friday serves as an opportunity to raise the caloric intake from good sources one time per week which contrasts significantly with what we call base days of eating which occur on Sunday,


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday as a part of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System 2.0. Cycling the amount of food and ultimately calories over the course of the week helps to prevent the metabolism from getting sluggish.


Do Not Let Your Metabolism Slow Down


Keep in mind that the body is a survival machine which has not evolved much from many perspectives since we were cavemen. As a result a sustained lower food intake sends starvation signals to the brain which causes the body to slow down metabolism as protection mechanism. This creates a slow metabolic situation that you cannot win.


High Energy for Life


Clients report feeling great on Fat Loading Friday especially when consuming grass fed steaks, hot dogs, burgers and more with an unlimited amount of green vegetables. We add other great dietary fat sources such as extra virgin olive oil from a dark bottle, raw nuts, guacamole and more. Social occasions fit very well on Fat Loading Friday by simply firing up the grill with a series of appetizers.


Increase Fat Burning Hormones and Metabolism for Several Days


Weight training on Fat Loading Friday further improves rates of fat burning by creating ideal metabolic and hormonal conditions. Our clients report improved strength in any form of exercise and improved vitality which is very likely linked to positive impact that good dietary fats have on the brain.



metabolism, steaks, fat loading



Executing weight training plans specifically geared to fat burning three times per week accelerates body fat loss tremendously by boosting fat burning hormones and metabolism for many hours following each session. Two additional fat burning interval sessions done at home are very important for increasing exercise frequency to a total of 5 sessions per week which has proven to dramatically impact fat burning for clients over the last several years.


Make the Right Choices Every Day


Higher quality exercise and increased daily activity can help to release more “feel good” endorphins which lead to better food choices ongoing. Never underestimate the power of the brain to dictate great decisions throughout the week! Email for a free copy of the Fat Loading Friday Meal Plan and Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System File including several days of example eating, videos and more fat burning strategies. We can discuss you situation and goals 7 days per week.


Author: Scott Mendelson


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