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Burn Body Fat and Fix Weak Links at the Same Time

Scott, I have pain in my upper/mid back area and the front of my shoulders. These pains come when I weight train and sometimes just at my desk working. I cannot figure out I am doing wrong. I also want to get rid of belly fat in the worst way. I have been on a low carb plan for 8 weeks and while I have lost some body fat, the belly fat is very stubborn. Any suggestions? Roger Dallas TX

Roger your areas of pain indicate you have some strategic weaknesses we will need to address with specialized exercises and executions. Dr. Serrano and I put together a series of videos and a training routine to not only correct common areas of weakness, but also to stoke a fat burning fire!


Shut Off Fat Storage Receptors

Belly fat is the first area to accumulate and the last to go for most men. Applying the correct strategies will help you chip away at the belly fat much faster. You will need to take steps to shut off fat storage receptors which are concentrated in the mid-section for men and the buttocks/thigh region for women.

Email for a free copy of the Belly Fat Burning Strategies Series.


Low Carb for too Long

A low carbohydrate plan full of organically raised protein and dietary fat sources is an excellent start for body fat loss and better energy. However, the body needs strategic change in regards to nutrition choices pretty often to prevent staleness. We will insert some good carbohydrate sources during your meals following weight training a couple times per week. I bet you will respond very well and we will evaluate your feedback to make adjustments accordingly.

Measuring the Impact of Individual Meals

Following the carbohydrate consumption, your muscles should suck them up to create a better appearance within the next couple hours following the meal. This also creates a leaner look by driving water to the muscles. Taking note of how you and look and feel during the couple hours following a meal gives us powerful feedback so we can adjust the carbohydrate amounts, sources and timing accordingly.


Strategically placed Carbs do More than Make You Look Good

A lack of carbohydrate for an extended period beyond 14 days can cause a drop in Thyroid which slows down fat burning. A majority of people do not need a lot of carbohydrate to re-optimize fat burning hormones. This is an area that most screw up royally and end up causing body fat storage.

Poor Posture Leads to a Lot of Pain

Your shoulder pain during the work day is likely due to poor posture at your desk. Over the course of time, you may have done more pressing than pulling which has created muscle imbalances. Based on the pictures you sent your front side is more well-developed than the back. This leads to rounding of the shoulders which puts more pressure on the biceps tendons which run down the front of the shoulder into the arm.

Always Start Upper Body Workouts with Pulling Exercises

The specialized exercises Dr. Serrano developed well “wake up” muscles that may not be functioning well for a number of reasons. It takes time to master the details which is perfectly normal. Start with relatively lower weight loads during warm up sets and adjust accordingly as your execution improves.

Starting the training session with a pulling movement such as the Lat Pull down rhomboid activation will help to warm up the shoulders before your pressing movements. Clients report greatly reduced shoulder pain when performing specialized pulling movements at the start of the workout. Proper muscle activation changes the training form in a favorable manner.

Email for a free copy of the Belly Fat Burning Strategies Series. Let’s discuss your situation and goals 7 days per week.

AUTHOR: Scott Mendelson, Infinity Fitness, Inc.

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