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Burn Body Fat and Firm Up in All of the Right Places with the Free Strip 18 Training Plan

training sessions


I do not want to gain a bunch of body fat between Halloween and the Holidays like I did last year. I need structure. I reviewed your Strip 18 Plan and the videos are very helpful. How many sets should I do? How do you integrate cardio? What nutrition plan do you suggest to lose fat without hunger or low energy levels?

~ Kim, Dayton, Ohio


Kim, you are right! As we are entering the most dangerous time of year with cooler weather, holidays and many distractions that lead to less exercise and poor food choices. It’s the perfect recipe for body fat accumulation.  Check out the FAQ Strip 18 Weight Training Plan Videos to learn how you can maximize your success with the free plan.  I would highly recommend the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse followed by the Day 22 Carb Load which can be repeated as many times as you like to reach your desired level of body fat.


training sessions

Get free copies of the Strip 18 Weight Training and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plans by emailing


Confidence in Training and Nutrition Strategies Drives Great Execution

I absolutely agree that structure and confidence in your plans will drive the consistent execution needed for great progress.  Belief in our strategies has helped clients and patients of Dr. Serrano earn great success with methods we have refined over many years of successful trials.  Based on 20 years of experience people either get significantly better or worse during the last few months of the year with no middle ground.  Without structure and commitment bad habits tend to dominate such as missed exercise sessions and cheat meals galore.  The Strip 18 Program builds confidence and commitment by having videos available to instruct every single exercise within the program file.

How Many Strip 18 Sets Should You Do?

The number of sets needed depends on your capacity to recover optimally from the training sessions.  We prefer a focus on quality over quantity so in most cases female clients will do very well with 3 revolutions of the 4 exercise giant set.  This means a total of 12 sets following warm up.  It does not sounds like much, but keep in mind that each set has two parts by adjusting the weight loads to hit 18 total challenging reps.  Many female clients will burn fat even faster with a total of 16 sets when they put more effort into recovery protocols.

training sessions

The Day 22 Carb Load features carbohydrate sources that are not refined to support greater rates of fat burning.  The Bread addiction captures many people this time of year on a regular basis which negatively impacts insulin levels and billions of fat cells!

Accelerate Fat Loss and Improve Daily Energy levels with Organic foods

Daily consumption of nutritious, sustainably raised dietary fat and protein sources supports high daily energy levels and a great quality of life.  Using these foods such as grass fed steaks, lamb, and extra virgin olive oil correctly can also accelerate body fat loss.  We highly recommend the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan to provide the structure and strategies needed to finish the year very strong.   This proven program includes macronutrient cycling strategies such as dietary fat loading to keep you feeling energized while revving up fat burning each week.

Training Sessions: How to Integrate Cardio to Burn More Body Fat Each Week

Fat Burning Intervals produce the best fat burning results based on many years of experience.  Two fat burning interval sessions each week in addition to the three Strip 18 Weight training sessions is ideal for most clients pending recovery capacity.  Steady state cardio is not effective for body fat loss, in fact It makes body fat loss more difficulty by spiking stress hormones.  Interval work should use a gradual approach to increasing intensity with a variety of venues.

Get a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan and the Strip 18 Weight Training Program including video instruction for all exercises by emailing  We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week to get fall off to a great start.


scott mendelson, infinity fitnessMeet The Author: Scott Mendelson

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