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Burn 10 lbs of Fat: Training and Eating to Finish the Year Strong

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Scott, my wife and I want to burn off 10 pounds of body fat before leaving for vacation December 23. We ate a ton of food during Thanksgiving and have to navigate office holiday parties during this month that will present food choice challenges. What type of training do you suggest to burn off body fat fast considering the tasty food choices that constantly seem to be available? ~ John and Mary,  Cherry Creek, CO

John and Mary, following a ton of food intake during Thanksgiving you need to burn off glycogen which is stored carbohydrate within the muscle ASAP with 50 Caliber Carb Depletion Training. Burning up the muscle glycogen makes it easier for the body to turn to burning stored fat as fuel ongoing with the right nutrition strategies built into the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. The link above takes you to detailed explanation of the training program advantages and three full days of weight training.

Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just three weeks leading up to the Holidays with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. Schedule reward meals during the Holidays season without gaining body fat. Email for free copies of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan, Day 22 Carb Load and Rapid Fat Burning Interval Program with Afterburners.

A low carbohydrate, high protein and high dietary fat approach from organic sources creates an ideal fat burning environment when the correct strategies are put into place. Some days during December can feature a higher carbohydrate intake for Christmas Dinner, holiday parties etc. Each low carbohydrate day such as those executed with flexible fasting during the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan represents a big victory on a daily basis.

Make Room For New Carbohydrate

A low glycogen level (stored carbs in the muscles) creates room for more carbs to be consumed from pies, cookies and other holiday treats to be stored in muscles instead of spilling over into new body fat. The correct nutrition strategies and timing of carbohydrate intake can help to drive new ingested carbohydrates into muscles efficiently. Exercising before large meals containing carbohydrate is highly advantageous for many reasons.

Burn up stored carbohydrate within the muscles by exercising five times per week so the body can transition to using more stored fat as fuel on a daily basis. Create more room for muscle to store the carbohydrates from holiday treats instead of turning into new body fat.

Train Before Your Big Holiday Meals

A 50 Caliber Carb Depletion training session before your holiday feasts will create excellent metabolic and hormonal conditions for large meals to further stimulate metabolism rather than causing additional body fat storage. Exercise in general before large meals does a great job of curbing appetite as well as cravings for massive amounts of sugar based on our combined 50 years of experience helping clients successfully navigate the holidays.

50 Caliber Carb Depletion Training Benefits

Highly dense workouts featuring 50 reps per set and short rest periods are ideal for burning up muscle glycogen so the body can more readily access stored fat as fuel around the clock. Furthermore, the high work output with short rest increases fat burning hormones while surging metabolism for up to 48 hours when the correct recovery conditions are put into place. The three different training sessions done per week take 30 minutes or less and include video instruction with the ability to make modifications as needed for most home gyms.

Do not let this happen to you this holiday season. Make sure you have the right exercise and nutrition strategies in place to finish the year strong.

Strive for 5 Elevated Fat Burning Status

Five well planned exercise sessions per week is the ideal frequency for burning body fat throughout the holiday season based on many years of experience helping clients. Three 50 Caliber Carb Depletion workouts and two fat burning interval sessions per week will not only deplete glycogen effectively, but also optimizes fat burning throughout the week. Each well executed exercise session has a distinct impact on fat burning hormones and metabolism for the next 48 hours when the right recovery conditions are in place. As a result you can earn a heightened state of fat burning throughout the entire 7 day week by using the Strive for 5 philosophy.

Make it Happen This Year

Too many people bow down to the pressures of the holiday season and put off success until the New Year. You can make time for short exercise sessions and implement the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan to enjoy a balance of holiday eating without piling on body fat. Keep in mind the excuses of cold weather, office party distractions and busy schedules present challenges, but nothing is insurmountable. Going off track from Thanksgiving to the end of the year builds up fat storage momentum quickly which can take months to reverse.

Email for free copies of the Rapid Fat Burning Intervals with Afterburners program, 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan and Day 22 Carb Load. We can discuss strategies to help you successfully navigate the holidays without adding body fat.

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