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Breakfast Sandwiches – Keto & Gluten-Free Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a recipe for yourself or to fuel a crowd on a tailgating morning, these breakfast sandwiches are a must! Stock your freezer with these nourishing breakfast staples from US Wellness Meats by ordering online and receiving frozen meats to your doorstep. 

September 2022 Featured Chef, Jaime Alba, piles high these breakfast sandwiches. Smushed between two slices of paleo toast, you’ll find sugar-free pork breakfast sausage, sugar-free pork bacon, eggs, avocado, and your favorite breakfast sauces. 

Fire up the skillet and gather the troops! The ultimate breakfast sandwich is on its way. 

Breakfast Sandwiches

Recipe & Photos by Jaime Alba | @_food4you__

USWM Shopping List: Sugar-Free Pork Breakfast Sausage Sliders, Sugar-Free Pork Bacon



  1. Toast bread, if desired, and spread mayo on the bread.
  2. Cook bacon until desired crispiness, then place on bread.
  3. Cook breakfast sausage sliders in bacon fat then place on bread as well.
  4. Scramble/whisk desired amount of eggs in a bowl then cook & fold in bacon fat until the desired doneness.
  5. Place folded eggs on bread along with bacon & sausage. Add desired condiments & avocado.


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Jaime Alba

Living in Corona, California, Jaime Alba is passionate about food, fitness, and health optimization. He started cooking when he was young and became an avid fan of the Food Network, intrigued by the food, personalities, and recipes. Jaime believes there is a healthy alternative to all your favorite foods and enjoys creating macro-friendly meals. It’s all about portions and balancing your daily protein, fat, and carb intake. Check out his delicious recipes!