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12 Braunschweiger Recipes: Dips, Spreads, Pates, & More

braunschweiger recipes

Braunschweiger is remarkably delicious and packed with nutrients, and that’s regardless of how you define it. Braunschweiger is a bit of an umbrella term that everyone seems to use differently, but most versions are made of minced ground meat and organs mixed with spices like garlic, salt, and pepper before being boiled and smoked.

You can either buy grass-fed braunschweiger that comes cooked and ready to use or make it at home. The only real gear you need is a meat grinder, but you can even get around that with a food processor if you are determined enough.

How to use braunschweiger

Braunschweiger being pre-cooked, sliceable, and spreadable makes it as convenient as it gets, and you can fit it into so many places in your diet and life. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use this delicious liver sausage:

  • As a spread with bread or crackers
  • Sliced on a sandwich with mustard, onions, and pickles
  • Sliced for a simple and nutritious snack
  • In a braunschweiger grilled cheese
  • On a charcuterie board
  • Blended into ground beef or added on top for more nutritious burgers
  • As a picnic snack if you keep it over ice
  • As a pizza topping

The best braunschweiger recipes

We’ve collected our favorite ways to make and use braunschweiger from all over the internet, so pick the one that looks best for you, grab some heritage pork or grass-finished beef, and get to it!

1. Homemade braunschweiger

Smoky, rich, and light on the liver, this recipe from Honest Food is the real deal. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re in the mood to pull out all the stops and make a big batch of braunschweiger that will last months, this is the recipe for you. Braunschweiger lasts practically forever in the freezer, so pick up some chef-quality meat and get to it.

2. Homemade lamb or goat braunschweiger

Braunschweiger isn’t restricted to beef and pork. You can make liver sausage from any liver you’d like. That means lamb, goat, elk, deer, turkey — you name it. This particular recipe from Shepherd Song Farm shows you how to incorporate lamb or goat liver into your liver sausage and also uses a very clever spice blend.

3. No-frills homemade braunschweiger

There’s something endearing about old recipes that show you the stairs but don’t give you every step. It’s the “pinch of that, pinch of this” energy. This braunschweiger recipe from Meats and Sausages is just that. It tells you what to do and in what order, nothing more.

4. Braunschweiger charcuterie platter

Braunschweiger Charcuterie Platter

Braunschweiger doesn’t have to be a solo act. It’s perfect alongside other delicious meats, cheeses, and vegetables. This recipe from the team shows you how to mix and match a wide number of delicious options to create the ideal charcuterie board.

5. The ultimate braunschweiger sandwich

Once you have your braunschweiger on hand, the world is your… liver? So why not start with this decadent sandwich from Heart Hook Home? It’s simple, but that’s the point. You don’t want to get in the way of your delicious braunschweiger. Just grab some fresh bread, cut up some onions, and slather on some whole grain mustard. Yum.

6. Braunschweiger spread

If you want to put out a spread that will surprise and delight your guests, check this recipe from Jam Hands out. You have two choices here: embrace the nostalgia with cheap crackers and miracle whip, or go the extra mile with high-end mayo and good rye bread. There is no wrong choice.

7. Braunschweiger party spread

For a different, even simpler spin on the braunschweiger party spread, use this recipe from My Food and Family. All you need is some braunschweiger, dill, green onions, and sour cream. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

8. Braunschweiger gourmet pate

For a party spread that is a bit more involved, use this one from What’s Cooking America. In addition to the usual braunschweiger + sour cream combo, it adds pistachios, garlic, olives, wine, and cognac for a more sophisticated angle. All those toppings also open up more intriguing presentations.

9. Green flatbread and beef braunschweiger

Braunschweiger recipe

Some of the best meals are ones you don’t have to work for. So if you’re looking to cut the carbs and keep things lighter, make this green flatbread ahead of time and top it with some grass-fed braunschweiger — you will love the way you feel with every bite.

10. Braunschweiger and sour cream dip

Okay, one more dip recipe. This recipe from is the ultimate in simplicity. There are just three ingredients, and there is no shame in that. This makes a perfect Super Bowl or Sunday Night game recipe.

11. Baked braunschweiger pate

Most of the homemade braunschweiger recipes involve smoking, but here’s an option from Bake Space that, well, bakes it. Remember you can swap out the pork liver and fat for any other animal.

12. Poultry liverwurst

If you want to get away from the pork and beef life, try this poultry liverwurst recipe from Wurst Circle out. This recipe is mild, fine, and tasty. It is well worth trying, and the spice blend they use is different from the other recipes we’ve listed above.

The difference between braunschweiger and liverwurst

Braunschweiger and liverwurst are both forms of liver sausage and are often used to describe the same thing, but the key difference is that braunschweiger tends to be smoked. Many braunschweiger recipes also lower the percentage of liver to reduce liverwurst’s signature offal flavor.

How to store braunschweiger

Almost all braunschweiger you can buy is already cooked, and unopened liver sausage can last months in the fridge if it isn’t opened. After the package is opened, you should eat it within a week, but as always — follow your nose! If it smells bad, toss it.

If you want to freeze it, pack the store package in aluminum foil and throw it in or cut in portions and use a handy kitchen vacuum sealer. The meat may not be as tasty after 6+ months, but it is unlikely to go bad for a long time. Just take it out a day in advance to defrost and enjoy as normal.

Keep your family happy and impress your guests with these braunschweiger recipes

You can pack just about anything into a sausage casing, so the choices you have around spices, specific cuts, and quality of meat are as wide as they are important.

Our beef braunschweiger is milder than liverwurst, so it is great if you are new to incorporating organ meats into your diet. It’s also free of soy, sweetener, dairy, MSG, additives, binders, and preservatives — making it perfect for a healthy and profoundly satiating addition to your diet.

See why even our own team can’t stop snacking and buying this grass-fed braunschweiger.


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