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Up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat Loss with High Energy Levels Using the Grill!

weight training system


Heading into fall and winter seasons we want to lose at least 10 pounds of body fat each before a Thanksgiving Vacation.   In the past we have struggled with low energy following very low carb diets.  My girlfriend and I like to eat a lot a couple days per week to feel really satisfied, but this has been difficult to do while losing body fat.  What can you suggest for us?

~ Gary and Michelle Colorado Springs.




Fat Loading Friday meals will leave you feeling energized, highly satisfied and quickly supports excellent rates of fat burning combined with several important factors.  You can outsmart up to 10 pounds of body fat in 14 days playing your cards right with nutrition, weight training, fat burning intervals and recovery protocols.  People either pack on body fat during the last three months of the year or earn great success with a focused plan.  No one “maintains” especially through the holiday season based on many years of experience.  Check out the 20-15-10 fat loss weight training system videos for quick-yet highly effective workouts that will leave you feeling great instead of drained!



weight training system



Get the Fat Loading Friday Fat Burning Menu which is full of grass-fed beef by emailing . Quick and easy meal prep on the grill is great for just one person or a big family in 15 minutes or less.  Knowing exactly what to do, how to do it and why to apply your best effort is a very powerful body transformation force as part of the A60 2.0.


Increase Fat Burning Enzymes for Several Days with Grass Fed Beef


Our clients have great success increasing their dietary fat intake from sustainable grass fed sources to drive up fat burning enzymes, optimize fat burning hormones and to break metabolic staleness. These are crucial makers for increasing rates of body fat loss over the long term, high energy levels, reduced cravings and more.



weight training system



Changing up the macronutrient percentages a couple times per week with Carb Loading Tuesday and Fat Loading Friday as absolutely crucial for preventing metabolic staleness.


High Energy Life Styles


High energy levels originate with quality food choices, proper rest and appropriate exercise.  Teaching the body to use more stored fat as fuel also supports high levels of energy to exercise.  Improving the quality of exercise is crucial for an improved quality of life and faster physique transformations.  The right nutrition strategies are crucial for teaching the body to burn more stored fat as fuel.


Success Breeds More Success


There is no better compliance tool than success!  Dietary fat loading brings on feelings of well-being and drastically improved energy for a wide variety of exercise venues including weight training, fat burning intervals, competitive sports and more.  Eating the way nature intended by using all-natural food choices can also bring on tremendous mental clarity. Grass-fed beef contains a superior ratio of dietary fats and does not have exogenous fattening agents such as estrogen which are frequently given to commercially raised animals.


Quick and Easy Meal Prep on the Grill


The grill allows our clients to prep a lot of great food in 15 minutes or less.  A vegetable basket is a nifty way to prep all in the same spot along with grass fed beef, chicken sausages, bison, lamb, wild caught shrimp and just about anything else you can cook on the grill.  Add grass fed butter and seasonings to the vegetables hot right off the grill to feed just yourself or the entire family.


Look for New Food Choices or Pay the Price


Eating the same things over and over again can cause difficulty losing body fat by activating food allergies, intolerances and irritations.  The same problems can lead to very low levels of energy, joint pain, rashes and more.  Try new grass fed beef cuts and other sustainably raised protein sources to prevent problems.  A variety of high quality food sources is the spice of life.


Email Unbalanced Core Training Fat Burning Circuits and the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System 2.0.  We can discuss you situation and goals 7 days per week.



AUTHOR: Scott Mendelson

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