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Be Nosy About Meat You Eat

offal, chicken livers, organ meats

Nose-to-tail eating can sound odd, but it simply means utilizing more parts of the animal and wasting as little as possible. This practice includes consuming organ meat, fats, and less popular cuts. 

It was common for humans to eat this way before we gained easy access to “always available” cuts of meat for purchase. People didn’t spend thousands of dollars on protein shakes; we simply ate well. Because convenience and preference overcame the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating as much of the animal as possible, many of us have never experienced the enjoyment of eating nose-to-tail. 


Why Eat Nose-to-Tail?

Nose-to-tail eating celebrates everything the animal provides us as food and the resources that go into its production. It helps reduce waste and shows respect for animals and the planet. It’s a more sustainable and ethical way of farming, shopping, and consuming meat products.

So many delicious foods can be prepared using less popular cuts of meat, and regularly preparing the same foods diminishes our enjoyment and nutrition. Eating the same few cuts minimizes our culinary creativity, increases our food budget, and wastes more of the animal. It’s simply more costly to us and the planet.


The Whole Animal for Holistic Health

Meat consumption remains controversial for many people. But eating nose-to-tail is the healthiest, most eco-friendly, nutritious way to be a compassionate carnivore. US Wellness Meats sells the most sustainable, planet-friendly, and delicious organ meat products.

Most of us think of chicken breast and steak as nutrient-dense foods, but this is mainly due to marketing. Organ meats, including heart, liver, and kidney, as well as skin and tallow of 100% grass-fed beef, are so incredibly nutritious, and by purchasing the most expensive cuts of meat at your market, you might be putting yourself at risk for nutritional deficiencies. Because of our learned food choices, many buy supplements instead of eating what nature intended.

American diet staples like chicken breast are rich in an amino acid called methionine, and it is an excellent protein, but too much of a good thing can be toxic; you can protect your body from methionine’s harmful effects by adding glycine, another amino acid to your diet through organ meats.

Glycine regulates inflammation in the body and boosts your antioxidant levels. Glycine and collagen protein are found in bone broth and organ meats. Many nutritionists recommend 8-10 grams of glycine daily for optimal nutrition if your protein consists mainly of lean chicken breast cuts and premium steak cuts. 

Eating nose-to-tail is a more viable option. If you’re a meat lover, you can cut the cost of your grocery bill, and enjoy excellent, high-quality meat. Buying 100% grass-fed organ meats from US Wellness Meats is a great way to introduce new flavors and vital nutrients to your diet because organ meats deliver a diverse set of nutrients not readily available in the more popular cuts of meat.


How to Get Started

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” but you are also what the animal eats. Suppose you purchase only 100% grass-fed beef, lamb, pasture-raised pork, and chicken. In that case, you ensure the animal is treated humanely and that the finished product contains no added hormones, antibiotics, or dangerous chemicals.

Chicken or beef liver make a fabulous terrine or simple supper. If your pallet is more sensitive, try the wonderful US Wellness organ meat blend, and choose a recipe. You can get creative with a Banh Mi pâté, meatballs, or your favorite ground beef recipe.


organ meat pie, organ meats, offal, featured chef
Organ Meat Pie recipe by Jessica Haggard, Primal Edge Health


If you’re working to consume less processed carbohydrates, in place of commercial pork rinds, try air-frying crispy chicken skin, adding a generous sprinkling of the US Wellness seasoning, it is an easy and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of the healthy nose-to-tail eating. Try your hand at oxtail soup and include grass-fed bone broth. You’ll feel and see the difference!

With US Wellness grass-fed marrow bones, you can also make your recipe for bone broth or stock, and roasted marrow bones spread on a toasted baguette is a treat millions of people enjoy. To optimize your health, tuck some organ meats into your regular meals. Cooking with 100% grass-fed animal fats and tallow makes for a nutritional dense fatty acid profile, and the flavor it will add makes food taste delicious. 

Eating nose-to-tail 100% grass-fed meats from US Wellness pays respect to the animal and fortifies your body. Feel better about your health, your diet, and the planet. There’s never been a better time to explore healthy food options. Order yours today.

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