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Ball Slam Circuits for Excellent 6-Pack Development and Fat Burning

Scott, I want to get a six pack and get in better shape for several sports such as tennis and basketball.  I am very short on time to train and like to do things at home.  I know I need to lose at least 15 pounds of body fat and quick considering July is already here.  What can you suggest?  ~ Roger T, Carmel Indiana



2 for 1 core conditioning will be perfect for you Roger as the functional med work improves abdominal muscle development while firing up fat burning hormones.  You can easily acquire a few medicine balls of different weights to use at home in your backyard, driveway or basement.

10 Slams In a Row!

Slamming the balls hard into the ground 10 times in a row followed by a 20 second rest period is very challenging from an aerobic standpoint. Now consider how challenging it will be to repeat this process 5-10 times in a row!  The short rest periods between sets increases fat burning hormones significantly.



Email for a free copy of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System file including sample days of eating and ground breaking videos.  Contact Scott directly to discuss your situation and goals 7 days per week and get a personal response.

The Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System featuring Carb Loading Tuesday and Fat Loading Friday is the most effective route I can suggest for losing body fat and doing so quickly with high energy levels.  Many elements built into the fabric of the plan do a great job of reducing belly fat for men and lower body fat for women.

Women Can Shut Off Fat Storage Receptors in the Lower Body

Dr. Serrano and I included strategies to shut off fat storage receptors dominant in those areas while naturally optimizing the fat burning hormonal environment with very powerful drugs – FOOD!  Yes that is right food is very powerful, especially organically raised food choices.  Strategically changing the percentages of dietary fat, carbohydrate and protein a couple days per week by adding items to certain meals sends tremendous fat burning signals to the brain.

Fat Loading Friday

We use satisfying amounts of grass fed steak, burgers, hot dogs, lamb, bison and more hot off the grill during Fat Loading Friday Meals.  Add guacamole, nuts, whole eggs, vegetables and grass fed butter to meals to increase fat burning enzymes levels for several days!

Medicine ball drills have translated very well to athletic competition for my clients by improving work capacity, cardiovascular conditioning, functional core strength and more.  You will leave the competition in the dust on the Tennis or Basketball court!  The functional nature of the sessions are far better for athletic performance than nearly useless crunches and other traditional “ab work”.

Kill Off Body Fat and Cravings

You can start the date with a 10 minute med ball slam session in a fasted state to accelerate fat burning.  These short workouts activate fat burning and wake you up so you can proceed through your day with great energy and reduced cravings.  Female clients especially note reduced cravings following med ball sessions and it has to do with releasing “feel good” neurotransmitters in the brain.

Faster Recovery = Ability to Execute More Sessions each week

The most beneficial number of sessions per week depends on the client’s ability to recovery fully over the course of the week. While the sessions are short, they are still taxing from many perspectives so proper planning is important.  A client may do anywhere from 2 to 6 sessions per week at separate times from weight training or other interval work.  The faster clients recover, the more sessions they can do which translates to faster rates of fat burning.

Training twice per day

In many cases clients will start the day with a 10-15 minute med ball session followed by a weight training session later on that day.  This frequency is used for clients in a big hurry to lose body fat while getting ready for a vacation, contest, reunion and more.

How do I get started?

Gradually of course with a focus on proper form.  Over time build up the weight of the ball, the number of reps and number of sets.  Personalized program clients perform several types of slams or throws during a session as they progress and need more stimuli!  To start even a small amount of work can make a big difference with body fat loss and energy.

Email for a free copy of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System including several days of eating and ground breaking videos.  Contact Scott directly to discuss your situation and goals 7 days per week.


Author: Scott Mendelson


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