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Askinosie: Where Each Bar Has a Story!

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At US Wellness Meats, we pride ourselves in providing the gold standard of products. Prior to adding new selections to our store we research each farmer, their farming practices, and carefully evaluate every ingredient used in production. This has led to an elite group of farmers who produce premium products that we make available to all of our valued customers. Many of our like-minded producers are from right here in the Midwest. This would include our chocolate source – Askinosie.

Dairy Free Milk Chocolate

The Askinosie Story…

Let’s start at the beginning. Shawn Askinosie, founder and chocolate maker, wasn’t always in the chocolate business. Shawn started baking and cooking as a hobby in 1999. That’s when his dream to become a chocolate maker was born. He later transitioned from criminal lawyer to chocolate maker. Shawn’s long-term goal is to have Askinosie loved by millions and be voted best chocolate maker in the world.

What Makes Askinosie Special… 

They source 100% of their beans directly from the farmer. This means they personally know each and every one of their farmers. The people of Askinosie travel all over the world to meet their farmers and source the perfect bean. These adventures have taken them all the way to Honduras, Ecuador, Tanzania, and many more places. The farmers are not certified organic, but all of the cocoa plants are raised organically, and all of the bars start with raw cocoa beans that have never been through the dutching process.

Askinosie has even received national press! They’ve graced the cover of Specialty Food Magazine, been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Saveur Magazine and “O” Magazine, and also dubbed “One of the best chocolates of the South” by Southern Living Magazine.

The Chocolate University…

The Chocolate University was created to teach kids in the Springfield, MO area about all topics related to business. Check out this video of a 2012 trip to Tanzania.

Find The Chocolate Here

We have a variety of Askionosie chocolate available on our website including the Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar, Red Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar72% Tanzania Dark Chocolate BarDavao White Chocolate Bar, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, and Dairy-Free Milk Chocolate Bar. These decadent bars are of superior taste and quality. With just one bite you’ll be hooked. We recommend adding a few to your next order so you too can have the Askinosie Experience!