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salmon burger
Paleo, Recipes, Wild-Caught Seafood

Air Fryer Thai Salmon Burger Recipe

Recipe & Photo Courtesy of Tammy Flack, The air fryer has become one of the top kitchen tools and for good reason. It’s so handy and simple to use. It makes frying healthier, less messy and extremely efficient. The air fryer is...
Paleo Thairibbean Chicken
Grassland Poultry, Paleo, Recipes

Paleo Thairibbean Chicken Recipe

Recipe Author: Tammy Flack | Primal Wellness Pro Tammy Flack joins us with this spectacular grilled paleo chicken recipe. This Thairibbean Chicken is a little bit of Thai and a little bit of Caribbean. Tammy is a Past Featured Chef for US Wellness and has a passion...
Chef, Featured Recipes, Heritage Pork, Paleo, Recipes


Tammy Flack is our 2018 October Featured Chef and shares one of her favorite recipes for Carnitas. This flexible slow cooker dish originates from the Mexican state of Michoacán and is extremely tasty. Recipe Author: Tammy Flack/Primal Wellness Pro USWM Shopping List:...
grain free gyoza
Chef, Featured Recipe, Featured Recipes, Heritage Pork, Recipes

Grain Free Gyoza

These yummy bite size dumplings originate in Asia. The Gyoza are the Japanese variant of the Chinese Jiaozi and are very similar to the crispier Potstickers. USWM October Featured Chef, Tammy Flack, shares her recipe for grain free gyoza dumplings that make an...
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