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USWM grass-fed beef, shipping

USWM Shipping & Delivery: FAQ link

Q: Where Does USWM Ship? A: All 50 states and Puerto Rico. Q: Do You Ship To Canada? A: No, we no longer ship to Canada. Due to new protocols for Canadian Customs during Covid (implemented in 2020), we will no longer be shipping to Canada. Q: Is There A Shipping...
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Prevent Holiday Body Fat Accumulation and Jump Start the New Year link

Scott, how can my family enjoy the holidays without putting on a lot of body fat. What would you suggest doing for the last couple weeks of the year to get ready for a fat loss journey in the New Year? ~ Melanie Madison, Wisconsin. Yes, the correct nutrition and...
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Long Term Lean Body Habits link

“Scott, how do you suggest people keep body fat levels low following a very successful period of fat loss? I have lost a lot of body fat with your help as you know over the last 4 months. Now I want to focus on keeping my body fat levels low and my energy...
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