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7 Super Football Recipes for the Big Game

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Are you ready for some football? With the big game right around the corner, you may be preparing to host a football game day watch party for family, friends and neighbors. One of the best parts about game day is all of the football food. Even if you are entertaining on a budget, you can still serve up a sensational game day spread. Here are seven simple and delicious game day recipes that are sure to be a total touchdown.

#1 All-Beef Franks

If you are firing up the grill for the big game, cook up some all-beef franks. Grass-fed and grass-finished, these all-beef franks are sugar-free and are perfect for adults and children alike. Provide guests with a variety of toppings so game day goers can dress up their dog any way they like. Some delicious options include ketchup, mustard, onions and relish. While you’ve got the grill going, give those fresh hotdog buns an added touch of crunch with a few seconds on the grill to create an irresistible added touch.

#2 Baby Back Ribs

They may be a little messy, but baby back ribs are a delicious menu option for game day. Pick up a few racks then grill them or set them up in a slow cooker. Slather them in a savory or sweet sauce and you have the best Fall Off the Bone Baby Back Ribs for guests to enjoy. Just remember to provide a lot of napkins!

sliders, burgers, grassfed beef, football recipes 

#3 Burgers and Sliders

Grilling out for the big game? Create a backyard burger bar for game day guests to enjoy. Serve an array of patty options and consider some sliders for the smallest of guests. Choose a variety of cheeses, fresh toppings, sauces and burger bun options then let guests create their very own culinary masterpieces. Cooking can’t get any easier than that!

#4 Chicken Wings

Crispy chicken wings are an easy and delicious game day appetizer that are incredibly diverse. Bake, grill or fry them up then top with a sprinkle of all purpose seasoning and serve with dipping sauces like barbeque, honey mustard, hot sauce, ranch and sriracha.

If you are new to cooking chicken wings, here is a guide on how to make the healthiest chicken wings and if you are hosting guests that are practicing a Whole30 lifestyle, here are twelve Whole30 chicken wing recipes that won’t disappoint.

chili, ground beef, party food, football recipes

#5 Chili

Keep game day menu planning super simple with a slow cooker recipe for a classic chili like this Slow Cooker Beef and Bacon Chili. Bake up a batch of homemade cornbread for an added side and include classic toppings like bacon, crunchy crackers, fresh chives, onions, shredded cheese and sour cream. You can even include a baked potato bar and set out a slow cooker or chili for game day guests to create the ultimate meal.

#6 Pulled Pork

Another easy yet delicious game day recipe is a handcrafted pulled pork sandwich. Simply smoke or serve in a slow cooker then provide some tasty sauces and buns for guests to make their own game day sandwiches. Include side dishes like crunchy coleslaw or a handful of hand cut, crispy potato chips or crunchy onion strings for a perfect game day side.

#7 Snacks

A football menu wouldn’t be complete without some snacks, so stock up on game day classics like a charcuterie board with quality cheese and meats, chips, dip, fresh fruit, homemade hummus and vegetable sticks. You may even set out bowls of everyone’s favorites like chocolate candies, popcorn, pretzels, pork rinds and nuts.

This year, host a delicious game day viewing party with these seven recipe ideas and enjoy the big game.