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5 Steps to Faster Fat Loss in 2 Weeks and Beyond

Burn Fat

Scott ~ what can we do to lose as much body fat as possible in two weeks before a trip. Our diets have been very clean for the last 2 months, but progress is moving very slowly at the moment. The mid-section is a problem for both of us. We are weight training three times per week and doing cardiovascular work 1-2 times per week.  ~ Terry and Greg.



Initiate These Steps To Promote Fat Burning

  • Start a Fat Cell Cleansing Protocol
  • Execute Fat Burning Interval Sprints twice per week to replace “cardio”
  • Dietary Fat Load one time per week
  • Drop your 15 most common foods choices and replace them with other organic choices.
  • Increase daily activity

Terry and Greg, these are the first 5 steps I would take to not only maximize body fat loss over the next 14 days, but also to set you guys up for even faster rates of fat loss for the weeks following. The info you provided by email was very helpful. Eating the same food choices with the same ratios of dietary fat, protein and carbohydrate each day has made the system very stale. We need to change your strategies and take advantage of the good habits in place to accelerate fat burning.


Burn Fat



Email for a free copy of the Belly Fat Slashing Special Report.


Reduce Stress & Get The Right Exercise For Fat Burning

Use the vacation to lower your stress levels and to build motivation towards the next trip you have scheduled a few months now to the Bahamas!

“Cardio” in the traditional sense of steady state work does very little for fat burning unless an individual is obese and in that case they are limited with what modes of action they can take. You and Greg are not obese so fat burning intervals are the ticket to burning more calories per session and spiking fat burning hormones for the 24-48 hours following each session. Check out this fat burning interval sprint routine

Prior to the last two months your diet had a fair amount of refined food which is still sticking with you- literally. Trans Fats, preservatives and substances from fried items log into the fat cells and are very hard to get rid of. These bad materials make fat cells swell and can even increase the number of fat cells making for a larger fat cell warehouse. Grass fed/Organic food choices providing a high amount of good fats can help flush the garbage out of fat cells.


US Wellness


Optimize Fat Burning: Experiment With Nutrient Rich Foods & Identify Food Intolerances

Dietary fat loading will increase fat burning enzymes, break metabolic staleness and naturally optimize fat burning hormones. Try new cuts of grass fed steaks, duck wings, lamb, bison, cage free chicken wings and more to add variety to your nutrition plan. We also use extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts and avocados to lift dietary fat intake on Fat Loading Friday.

Based on the low energy following your meals it is likely that you have built food allergies, intolerances, or irritations to foods that you have consumed too often. No chicken breasts, baked chicken, salmon, turkey or almonds for you guys for a while and I bet you feel much better fast. Taking out foods causing poor reactions very quickly reduces bloating, difficulty with digestion, rashes, problems losing body fat, sluggishness and more.

Take the stairs when you have an opportunity at work to increase daily activity. You both mentioned low energy during the afternoon following many hours sitting at your desk. Try to fit lunch into a short time frame by bringing food to work so you have time to take a walk outside for 20 minutes.

Email for a free copy of Belly Fat Slashing Special Report. We can discuss you situation and goals 7 days per week.


Author: Scott Mendelson

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