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5 Fall Wellness Tips to Help You Fall in Love with the Fall Season

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By Ashley Martens

The end of September beckons the official start of the fall season. Whether you have already fired up the grill for those last blast of summer recipes or you are currently diving into fall meal prep tips, there are some wonderful ways to welcome the start of Autumn. Here are five fall wellness tips to help you fall in love with the fall season.

#1 Eat Warming Foods

The summer season is all about enjoying cool and refreshing foods to help us beat the heat and humidity of the dog days of summer, but fall is all about warming foods such as bone broth and root vegetables like onions, potatoes, and turnips. These foods can be very grounding during the fall season as these hearty foods warm you up from the inside out. If you want to add an additional layer of flavor to all of your favorite fall recipes, include some warming herbs and spices like chili, garlic, or ginger.

#2 Embrace the Seasonal Transition

As summer fades into fall and the days become shorter and the nights get cool, embrace the changing of the seasons. Cool, crisp weather invites you to take your days outdoors while you enjoy the brilliance of the fall foliage. Visit the community farmers’ markets, which are usually open until the end of October, and stock up on some fall favorites like apples, pumpkins, and squash. (Oh my!)

#3 Fresh Start Fall

Fall is the perfect time for fresh starts. As the temperatures begin to simmer down and kids start a new school year, consider fall your second January. Clean out your kitchen cabinets and pantry, create a sustainable kitchen, and stock up on time-saving kitchen gadgets.

You can also recommit yourself to the resolutions you made at the start of the year or make new ones that are more in line with where you find yourself towards the end of the year. Grab a pen and notebook then take some time to reassess your goals and create action steps to help you achieve them well before the New Year holiday in January.

#4 Plan a Fall Activity

If the end of the summer season really gives you the summertime blues, plan something special for the start of the new fall season. Whether it is a trip to a favorite apple orchard and pumpkin patch or a long weekend away to take in the beauty of the fall foliage as you drive and soak in the sights, get something on the calendar that will give you and your entire family something to look forward to on those cooler fall days when you miss summer most.

#5 Warm Up with Warming Beverages

On a cool and crisp fall day, nothing is quite as comforting as curling up with a favorite fall beverage. The summer season is all about citrusy fresh flavors, but fall is all about warming beverages like hot apple cider and pumpkin spiced lattes.

Whether you support local cafes in your community or make your own warming beverages at home DIY style, toss in some warming spices like cardamom, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and nutmeg. These flavors are also great for fall baking and cooking!

The changing of the seasons can be a beautiful time of the year. Say so long to summer and take a step into the new season as you embrace fall with these five wellness tips to help you fall in love with the fall season. Happy Fall Y’all!


ashley martens

Meet The Author

Ashley Martens is a Health and Wellness Writer based in Chicago, IL. With a background in digital marketing coupled with her knowledge of general nutrition and a lifelong passion for all things health, wellness, fitness and nutrition, Ashley offers a healthy alternative to traditional writing. You can learn more about Ashley and her writing on her portfolio.