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3 Weeks to Outsmart 10 lbs of Body Fat

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Q) I am taking a stand! I need to lose 30 pounds of body fat before a vacation in April. What do you suggest that is actually sustainable. I can avoid the refined foods, but I cannot stand being very hungry. Susan

A) Susan, the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Followed by the Day 22 Carb Load and repeated four times for a total of 88 days is the perfect fat burning solution for you to lose 30 pounds of body fat while having a great quality of life. The proper construction of meals full of organically raised protein and dietary fat sources prevents hunger and low energy. Have great confidence as the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse System has helped tens of thousands of people outsmart up to 10 pounds of body fat in just three weeks. Those who have more body fat to lose continue with the system for longer periods of time to peak metabolic and hormonal momentum! Keep in mind that it is much easier to maintain a low level body fat than it is to get there when you use the correct strategies. Embrace the challenges and operate with confidence by winning one day at a time.

Do not Under Eat

Proper exercise frequency also does a great job of getting rid of hunger and helps the brain operate more effectively to take the mind off of food intake. I find that many women in particular subconsciously under eat when aiming to lose body fat which stalls out metabolism. Remember the body is a survival machine and will fight hard to sustain body fat levels if starvation is perceived as a real threat with food intake that is too low.

High Calorie Day Fat Burning Benefits

Eating the same ratios of dietary fat, protein and carbohydrate for weeks in a row also will stall fat burning as the body gets bored in many ways. This is why Dr. Eric Serrano MD included a weekly high calorie day from high quality food sources such as a grass-fed ribeye to spike metabolism and contrast strategically compared to the other 6 days of the week. Increasing dietary fat intake from organic sources on the high calorie day is a very powerful macronutrient cycling tool to prevent metabolic staleness, to increase fat burning enzymes and to naturally optimize fat burning hormones.

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Earn low levels of body fat and a high quality of life with the right nutrition strategies.

Day 22 Carb Load

Following 21 Days of a 0 carb intake outside of green vegetables we use the right sources, amounts and timing of carbohydrate to accelerate body fat burning. Dr. Serrano often says that adding carbohydrates at the right time is like putting a huge log on the fat burning fire. The targeted carb loading serves as another powerful macronutrient cycling protocol to drive great rates of fat burning for an extended period of time.

Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just three weeks and reduce bloating quickly with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. Get your free copy by emailing

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Scott Mendelson

Author of the 100% Fitness Solution eBook and Director of Infinity Fitness is a highly regarded performance nutrition and training specialist. In addition to designing customized programs for his celebrity, weekend warrior and executive clients, Scott works daily with professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA. Scott has built an excellent reputation providing effective supplements, cutting-edge information and unmatched service to thousands of clients worldwide since 1999.

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