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24 Hour Fasting for Fastest Possible Rates of Body Fat Loss


Scott, should I consider using a 24-hour fasting each week if I need to lose body fat in the fastest possible time frame? I have a little less than a month until a wedding I must attend in Mexico which will be very competitive in nature. I have done intermittent fasting before with great success, but need to take things to the next level. ~ Jenny Phoenix AZ


24-hour fasting fat loss cycles a couple times per week works extremely well to drive faster rates of body fat loss when the person has some positive experience with shorter intermittent fasted periods. Many of Dr. Serrano’s patients started using 24-hour fasting during the latter part of 2018 to rest the digestive system, control inflammation and for faster rates of body fat loss with great success. The structure of the feast to follow a 24-hour fast or any fasted period for that matter is very important.

Setting up a feast following a fasted period up to 24 hours is an excellent way to enjoy a big meal while supporting body fat loss goals during the 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse. Email for free copies of the 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan featuring a High Calorie Day each week and the Day 22 Carb Load.

Faster Rates of Body Fat Loss

A 24 hour fasted period can drive excellent rates of fat burning for many more reasons other than caloric restriction. The body will take extreme measures to find energy which can involve breaking down more stored fat within billions of fat cells during the process of Autophagy.

Improve Carbohydrate Tolerance

In many cases the feast following a 24-hour fast includes strategic amounts of carbohydrates, from specific sources and preferably during a feast following a training session. Fasted periods can optimize insulin sensitivity which means carbohydrates in combination with organic proteins and dietary fats create excellent fat burning conditions for many hours following the meal.

The beach is a highly motivational environment, but also a great place to use various fasted lengths. Clients keep busy all day with activities and have a relaxing dinner with multiple courses when using fasted lengths of 16 hours or longer frequently.

The Feast

Logically, a meal following a 24-hour fast should be larger than normal. Go for increased amounts of grass fed beef, wild caught fish/seafood, sustainably raised lamb and more. Clients enjoy eating out for a feast and can easily order the right dishes for their needs at a wide variety of restaurants. Be sure to consume a lot of green vegetables with grass fed butter for important dietary fiber intake. The vegetables help you feel full faster and become satisfied. Eat slowly to allow the stomach and brain to communicate fullness so the meal can end without over eating. The objective is not to eat a days worth of food in one meal, perhaps half that amount in one sitting pending many factors.

A Gradual Approach to Fasted Period Lengths

You can very easily implement one or two 24-hour fasts per week as part of the 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan as many of our clients have done over the last few months with great success. Your positive experience with shorter fasted periods of 12 to 16 hours leads me to believe that a 24-hour fast can work very well for you. A gradual approach is always smart when transitioning to a longer fasted periods.

Many clients do fantastically well with a 16-hour fast, 6 days per week. One day per week they increase the meal frequency to three meals instead of two for strategic purposes on the High Calorie Day which is also excellent for boosting metabolism and ultimately rates of body fat loss. We will discuss the High Calorie Day from quality food choice benefits in an upcoming article.

Email to get free copies of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Calendar, 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan, and Day 22 Carb Load Nutrition Plan files with sample days of eating. We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week so you are ready for Summer!

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