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20 Delicious Ways to Use Zoodles


The dog days of summer are upon us. And with it comes a bumper crop of many vegetables. If you find yourself with a bushel full of zucchini and wonder what to do with it all… consider the “zoodle.”






Zucchini noodles, or “Zoodles”, are a fun and easy way to add unique textures and shapes to a wide variety of meals.  As a stand-in for traditional carb-and-gluten laden noodles, the zoodle offers a garden-fresh, low-calorie alternative that makes the perfect palette for flavorful sauces. Best of all they’re kid-friendly and take just a few minutes to turn out.


Today I’d like to share some of the most delicious zoodle recipes from our friends around the web.


Chicken Zoodle Soup

Chungah’s cozy home-style chicken zoodle soup is pure comfort in a bowl. And with just 227 calories per light and delicious serving this protein-rich meal will fill you up without weighing you down. While this recipe calls for chicken breast, chicken thighs would work beautifully as well.


Sausage & Peppers Over Zucchini Noodles

Alyssa at Everyday Maven creates a beautiful and delicious riff on Italian Sausage and Peppers using zucchini noodles. This Paleo-friendly, comfort food meal can be on the table in just 30 minutes.


Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Soup

Slow cooking is a great way to keep your kitchen cool on a hot day. This Latin soup by Gina at SkinnyTaste is Paleo-approved with Whole30 and Instant Pot options.


Citrus Grilled Shrimp & Zoodles

Michele at Paleo Running Momma marries the fresh flavors of wild shrimp, citrus and cilantro for a perfect summertime seafood meal.


Spicy Thai Chicken Zoodle Salad

Nom Nom Paleo’s Michelle Tam creates a gorgeous Thai-inspired salad with leftover shredded chicken, scallions, cilantro, avocado, sunbutter, sesame and sriracha for an Asian meal that comes together faster than you can order takeout!


Paleo Spaghetti and Meatballs

Danielle Walker from Against All Grain recreates the classic Italian meal with zoodles taking the place of traditional wheat-based spaghetti. And to get the umami typically provided by Parmesan in her grass-fed beef meatballs, she uses two “secret” ingredients: nutritional yeast and fish sauce.


Zoodles & Squoodles Pizza Casserole

Julie at PaleOMG creates a classic casserole with “noodles” from two kinds of summer squash, ground turkey and traditional Italian flavors of tomatoes, oregano and basil. For a heartier twist, try it with crumbled Italian Sausage.


Beef Stroganoff with Zoodles

The carb-laden classic gets a Paleo makeover with grass-fed stew beef, beef broth, and coconut cream – all served over zucchini ribbons – from Barbara and John at Gluten Free Homestead.


Keto Zoodles with Avocado Pesto

Martina at KetoDietApp knows how to use her zoodles: to soak up velvety, fat-rich, keto-inducing sauces. The Avocado Pesto would pair perfectly with wild shrimp, scallops or chicken. Just be sure to amp up the sauce to keep a keto composition.


Zoodle Pad Thai

Ali at Inspiralized recreates classic Pad Thai with zoodles. To make it Paleo and protein-rich, I like to swap out the peanuts for almonds, substitute coconut aminos for soy sauce and add in wild shrimp.


Mason Jar Zoodle Salad

Sugar Free Mom creates a gorgeous Greek-inspired Mason Jar salad with zoodles, Kalamata olives and a creamy avocado-spinach dressing. Swap the edamame for pastured chicken or wild shrimp for an ancestrally approved meal-on-the-go.


Kung Pao Chicken Zoodles

Gina at SkinnyTaste lightens up this classic Chinese classic, keeping all of the delicious Asian flavors. To make it Paleo you’ll need to make some easy swaps: trade the peanuts for cashews or almonds, substitute coconut aminos for the soy sauce, use arrowroot for the cornstarch and choose coconut sugar in place of table sugar.  And for the Hoisin Sauce, Irena of Eat Drink Paleo has made a delicious version here.


Sundried Tomato Chicken Pesto Pasta

Kristen of Living Loving Paleo combines smoky sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, pine nuts, garlic, nutritional yeast and olive oil for a Mediterranean Paleo meal packed with flavor and nutrition.


Paleo Noodles with Shrimp and Bacon

Med-student Monica Bravo of Bravo for Paleo creates a deliciously satisfying combination of wild shrimp, bacon, and butter to crown a nest of zoodles.


Zucchini Fettuccine with Rosemary Butternut Cream Sauce

Sonnet creates fettucine from zucchini and embellishes it with a velvety rosemary butternut cream sauce. Pair this creamy “pasta” with pan-seared black cod, wild halibut, salmon, scallops or shrimp for a delicious, nutrient-dense meal.

Ground Beef over Zoodles

Sonya, The Healthy Foodie, creates a fast and super simple zoodle meal with grass-fed ground beef as the star. Omit jalapeños for a kid-friendly meal in minutes.


Peanut Chicken Zoodles

Chicken, classic Asian veggies and zoodles mingle in a piquant peanut sauce. To make it Paleo just swap sunbutter for the peanut butter, trade coconut aminos for soy sauce, and choose coconut vinegar instead of rice vinegar.


One Pot Teriyaki Chicken Zoodles

Life Made Sweeter creates a quick and healthy riff on teriyaki, infusing the flavors of pineapple and ginger with chicken, served over a saucy bed of zoodles.


Avocado Alfredo Zoodles with Chicken and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Karina of Café Delights creates a creative, decadent alfredo sauce using pureed avocados and Parmesan cheese. For a dairy free riff, consider this Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo recipe from the Detoxinista.


Paleo Tuna Green Chile Zoodle Casserole

Lindsay at Cotter Crunch recreates the creamy childhood favorite with Paleo and Whole 30-approved ingredients for a comfort food meal that’s on the table in just 30 minutes.



Do you love zoodles? We’d love for you to share your favorite zoodle recipe here!



Kelley HerringED NOTE: Kelley Herring is the co-founder of Wellness Bakeries, makers of grain-free, gluten-free, low-glycemic baking mixes for cakes, cookies, breads, pizza and much more.

Kelley’s academic background is in biology and chemistry and for the last 15+ years, she has focused on the study of nutritional biochemistry… and the proven powers of compounds in foods to heal the body.