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14 Day Fat Burning Kick Starter to Lose 10 Pounds ASAP and Shift to A Fat Adapted Status

lose 10 pounds

Scott, I am in a hurry to lose 10 pounds of body fat over the next 2 weeks before a trip to the Bahamas.   I feel that I have been eating very clean, but have had several break downs where I have made bad choices during the last month as well.  After the trip I would like to lose more body fat, but fear I will run into a wall like prior attempts to get into great shape.  What do you suggest?  ~ Becky Madison, Wisconsin



Becky, our first objective will be to transition the body to burning more stored fat as fuel followed by the pursuit of reaching peak rates of fat burning to support your long term success.  Most people never reach peak rates of fat burning as they are following static nutrition plans and just going through the motions during exercise sessions due to a lack of energy.


lose 10 pounds


Email for a free copy of the 14 Day Fat Burning Kick Starter.  Maximize rates of fat burning over the short and long term with the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System.

The 14 day fat burning kick starter gives you the best chance to lose 10 pounds before your trip.  The 14 day kick starter sets the stage for excellent rates of fat burning ongoing by helping the body adapt to using more stored fat as fuel.  Following the first 14 days we will introduce the right carbohydrate sources, amounts and timing during meals following exercise to optimize fat burning hormones.  Low carb plans done for too long can drop thyroid and other important fat burning elements like a rock which limits success.

Make Strategic Nutrition Changes            

Eating the same food choices and ratios of carbohydrate, protein and dietary fat for an extended period of time is likely one of the reasons your prior fat loss efforts did not meet your expectations.  Implementing macronutrient cycling by changing up the amounts of carbohydrate, proteins and dietary fats a few times per week forces the body to burn more stored fat as fuel.  It sounds complicated, but these tactics are very easy to execute.

Short and Long Term Fat Burning Success

Dr. Serrano and I built several strategies into the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System to keep fat loss progress moving over an extended period of time.  The 14 day kick starter represents the first two weeks of the Aggressive 60 fat loss nutrition system.  After becoming fat adapted the focus shifts to earning peak rates of fat burning through consistent execution of the A60 strategies, as well as weight training and interval work specifically designed to elevate fat burning.


grassfed steak


Earn Peak Rates of Fat Burning by Working Hard and Smart

Reaching peak rates of fat burning takes patience as each individual person has a different set of circumstances which influence the time it will take to reach the fat burning pinnacle.  On average it takes 45 days to reach peak rates of fat burning which I define as fat burning at two to three times the rate vs. day one.  A well designed plan will produce a faster rate of fat burning in months two and three vs. month one.

The right weight training and interval work to maximize rates of fat burning differs based on individual needs.  A consistent effort and the willingness to drive improvement week after week have a huge impact on rates of fat burning.  Most people become comfortable with a limited set of exercise routines which lose effectiveness after a short period of time.  Short- yet intense sessions are necessary for maximizing fat burning hormones and metabolism for the next 24 to 48 hours following each session.

Some of the weight loss initially can be excess water and stored carbohydrate.  However you will be able to hold on to hard earned muscle which is very important for body transformation and a high metabolic rate.  Every pound of muscle burns calories 24×7!  Unfortunately many calorie restricted plans waste muscle at the same rate of body fat loss which creates a very bad situation.

Crush Cravings With The Right Strategies & Lose 10 Pounds ASAP

You mentioned having break downs with bad food choices which is not always a lack of discipline, but also a sign that a program may not be well designed in many ways.  The food choice focus for the first 14 days and ongoing will be high dietary fiber, organic protein and dietary fats from organic sources.  The correct sources and combination of foods bring on feelings of satisfaction, high energy and slash cravings.

Nature’s ideal composition of dietary fats within grass fed beef crush cravings like no other in my experience working with successful clients going back many years.  Grass fed beef and other organic food sources send the correct signals to the brain in my opinion through multiple pathways and help the body run on the ideal octane of fuel so to speak.

Beating cravings to stay on track with your plan is a matter of thinking through challenges.  Keep raw nuts and grass fed beef meat sticks available at all times at home and work to use if you feel hunger or cravings creeping up.

Email for a free copy of the 14 day Fat Burning Kick Starter.  We can discuss your situation and goals 7 days per week.



Author: Scott Mendelson

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