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10 Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means baking and cooking up lots of good food. If you plan on hosting holiday guests this year, be ready to welcome them with open arms. Whether hosting for an overnight stay or a week long visit, here are ten tips for hosting holiday guests this year.

#1 Add a Personal Touch

This year, if you want to add an extra personal touch for all of your holiday guests, set out a new pair of fuzzy slippers for them in their guest room and leave a good book on their bedside table for them to enjoy before they catch some zzz’s. You can also leave small travel sized toiletries in the guest bathrooms. Items such as hand lotion, mouthwash, tissues and toothpaste.

#2 Child Proof

If holiday guests include babies or small children, walk through your home and search for any potential pitfalls that may be harmful to your smallest guests. Store any harmful objects or delicate holiday decor and child proof any furniture if needed.

#3 Create Space

Before holiday guests arrive, create some extra space in the coat closet. If you live in a colder climate, guests will most likely arrive bundled up in bulky coats, hats, scarves, mittens and snow boots, so clear out some space in your front entryway or hall closet to keep everything neat and tidy during their stay.

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#4 Get in the Spirit

Plan an activity you, your family and your holiday guests can all enjoy together. Some of our favorite activities include:

  • Attending a holiday festival
  • Baking and decorating homemade batches of holiday cookies
  • Holding a holiday campfire complete with holiday s’mores
  • Hosting a movie night
  • Looking at holiday lights in your local community or neighborhood
  • Playing board games
  • Wrapping gifts together


#5 Information Station

Create an information station that is centrally located in either the kitchen or living room. Write down quick references of important information like alarm codes, garage door codes and Wifi passwords so guests can quickly reference if needed.

#6 Make the Beds

Prior to your holiday guests’ arrival, make all of the guest beds with a fresh set of pillowcases and bed sheets. Be sure to have extra blankets and pillows on hand and set out clean bath towels and washcloths in the guest bathrooms.

#7 Play Tour Guide

If holiday guests are staying longer than 1-2 nights or if you plan on working at the office during their visit, give your holiday guests a list of local spots like community cafes, delicious restaurants and places to shop so they can finish some last minute holiday shopping if needed.

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#8 Prepare for Pets

If holiday house guests plan on bringing their own furry friends, ask guests if they need any extra necessities for man’s best friend. Although your holiday guests will most likely bring everything their furry friend needs, it’s still a nice gesture. If you are really in the holiday spirit, you can even purchase a new toy or set of treats for them. It is the season of giving after all!

#9 Stock Up on Snacks

Stock your kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves with healthy snacks so guests can graze whenever hunger strikes. Purchase extra produce like fresh fruits and vegetables. Show guests where everything is kept so they can dig in whenever they need to satisfy a snack attack.

Tip: Set aside any food you may be using to cook up your holiday feast so no one accidentally eats all of the vegetables for the holiday appetizer tray!


#10 Sweet Send Off

Give your holiday guests a sweet send off by sending them home with some delicious dessert leftovers from the holiday festivities. Stock up on reusable to-go containers holiday guests can take home with them.

Host guests with ease this holiday season by using these ten tips and remember to enjoy their company. That’s what the holiday season is all about after all. Happy holidays everyone!